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Monday, January 19, 2015

New Indie Book Release: Devil's Gambit (Steve Abbott)

New Indie Book Release:
Devil's Gambit - Steve Abbott
Military Fiction - Present Day (332 pages - December 2014)

- "Geopolitical Techno-Thriller - how's that for a mouthful? But Abbott's book is certainly that. He knows his political games and he knows the machinery of war. Takes you on a ride-along with all the good guys, bad guys, and mere functional players that would be involved in a North Korean nuclear nightmare. Fascinating." - Reader Review

About the Book

Devil's Gambit (Steve Abbott)
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Three nuclear warheads complete with their guidance systems have been stolen from a Russian missile base.

Captain Gayle Ecevit USAF and her joint Russian Nuclear Emergency Search Team to find and secure the missing devices, with the help of two members of the SAS. All the signs point towards North Korea but to what end? Were they taken to be reverse engineered to bolster the North’s struggling nuclear weapons program or are they to be used for a darker purpose, and start the Korean War all over again.

The answers might lie with a recent North Korean Defector sitting in a CIA safe house in the US but maybe he's a plant, put forward by North Korean Intelligence to muddy the waters. MI6 has it's eyes on a shadowy South African arms dealer who specializes in smuggling nuclear materials.

Gayle and her team must sift through all the possibilities and cover the globe to find the answer. A second Korean War hangs in the balance.

About the Author

Author Steve Abbott
Author Steve Abbott
Steve Abbott started as a screenwriter in 1997. He studied at The Vancouver Film School, in their Film Development Program. After the program he continued to hone his writing skills by writing and producing in film and television.

He worked as writer in feature film and television for twenty plus years where he had two horror features produced and as a writer for hire on a number of other film projects. He has an optioned spec thriller currently making the rounds of Hollywood.

Over the years, Steve has amassed a large number of real world skills. He’s traveled extensively across the United States and Canada by motorcycle, the latest a trip across Labrador and Newfoundland to trace the roots of his Grandfather who was killed in the Second World War.

With a thirst to get to the truth of any matter, he has cultivated contacts in law enforcement and various branches of the military as there is no better source for information than from those people at the sharp end of the stick. Thanks to organizations like The Pritzker Military Library in Chicago, the Jane’s Group, and the world wire services, he has managed to keep up his study of military history and current events linked to insurgent operations. In order to have a greater understanding of the world both terrorist / insurgents and our military and security forces live in.

He currently lives in Mississauga, Ontario with his wife, daughter and son and their two Bengal cats.

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and on Twitter: @SteveAbbott0319.

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