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Friday, January 30, 2015

Featured Indie Book: Awakenings (Mary D. Brooks)

Awakenings (Mary D. Brooks)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Historical Lesbian Romance Awakenings by Mary D. Brooks.

Awakenings (Intertwined Souls) is a unique take on paranormal gifts mixed in with some history, adding a love story of two women that have endured much but are facing the trials and tribulations together. It has memorable characters and a great plot.

The Book has been published via Bedazzled Ink Publishing and is available as eBook - 319 pages - released in February 2014.

About the Book

In the fourth novel in the Intertwined Souls series, Awakenings continues with Eva and Zoe’s tumultuous journey to Greece and Germany.

They leave Greece with a new understanding of the past and a renewed purpose for their lives.

In Germany they discover unknown secrets and gifts that span generations. With hidden truths uncovered and a peek of their future, they can now work toward making their once impossible dreams come true.

Awakenings (Mary D. Brooks)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Awakenings is an amazing story set somewhere in the late 1940's/early 50's. Eva has endured heartbreaking misery and punishment at the hands of her own family when they found out she was a lesbian. Awakenings is filled with deceit and evil but somehow through all the pain and punishment, Eva finds the love of her life, Zoe.[...] A story about deep love and also about the deep cruelty one person can inflict on another. The story begins in Larissa Greece and continues in Germany which is Eva's home. The settings are so realistic and vivid. I found myself "right there" in the story." - Jenny Chandelier

- "A riveting plot, a set of memorable characters, a couple of unexpected twists, a healthy dose of wit and humor, and another of intensity and emotion, a whole lot of passion and love, a flowing pace and engaging dialogue, and MaryD's unique narrative voice. [...]" - Rosa Alonso

- "[...]Brooks writes her characters beautifully and the love between Eva and Zoe is palpable. The setting adds excitement and interest, but there's more going on here than 1940s Europe. Poetic, lovely and highly recommended." - Sam G. (Amazon)

- "[...] The Intertwined Souls series by Mary D. Brooks is the story of a love affair between two women, Eva and Zoe. They first cross paths in Greece in the 1940's during World War II, not exactly on the same side. The story spans several books, decades, and continents as the women become close, fall in love and survive many ordeals and obstacles." - TrishFLReader (Amazon)

- "This is my first venture into lesbian fiction, historical or otherwise. I have to say that I was completely blown away by the story and the passionate relationship between Eva and Zoe. I made the mistake of jumping right into the middle of the series, and now I feel I must start from the beginning to watch their romance blossom.[...]" - Becca Hugh

About the Author

Author Mary D. Brooks
Author Mary D. Brooks
Mary D. Brooks lives in Australia and has been writing for forty years and has published short fiction stories for various Australian magazines and some non fiction pieces before she turned her attention to the Intertwined Souls series.

Her first novel was In the Blood of the Greeks which was quickly followed by Where Shadows Linger and Full Circle. She now continues the series with Hidden Truths, Awakenings and No Good Deed.

When she's not writing, she's a graphic and web designer, travels when the travel bug hits and is chief editor for various multimedia sites.

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Awakenings (Mary D. Brooks)

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