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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Kissing The Scorpion (J.W. Tapper)

New Indie Book Release:
Kissing The Scorpion - J.W. Tapper
Contemporary Adult Romance (376 pages - November 2014)

Kissing The Scorpion (The Truth About Kate Hayes) is a love story all about knowing you shouldn't fall in love with someone, but doing it anyway. It's a journey of discovery, specifically the discovery that there's a big difference between love and sex, even if the sex is far and away the best you've ever had.

"Believable characters and settings, well written and amusing dialogue, a compelling romantic storyline and "something else" going on under the surface. Very entertaining erotic escapism that anyone who works in an office environment will instantly relate to. Recommended." - Reader Review

About the Book

Kissing The Scorpion (J.W. Tapper)
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Dave Fletcher isn't obsessed with Kate Hayes, at least that's what he tells himself. She just happens to be the gorgeous blonde working at the opposite desk. There's one small problem: Kate is his manager. She's also old enough to be his mum.

Dave can't believe his luck when he and Kate are booked on the same work event at a plush hotel. He is absolutely certain that nothing is going to happen, but why risk disaster by giving his girlfriend more than the most plausibly vague details?

Kate is a lot of fun once they get out of the office and she has it all: the looks, the figure, a flashy car and a big, expensive house. She also has some intriguing rules for their trip together, and a very revealing evening dress.

But what do you really know about the person who sits opposite you every day at work? One thing is certain - Dave Fletcher is going to find out way more than he expected.

Provocative, steamy, with a wicked sense of humor. That's only part of the truth about Kate Hayes. How much more would you like to discover?

About the Author

Author J.W. Tapper
Author J.W. Tapper
A UK native, J.W. Tapper has lived in both England and Wales; he currently lives in Gloucester with his wife and son.

He has been writing fiction for his own entertainment ever since he first learned to write. He has had numerous non-fiction articles published, mostly in computing related magazines, and has won several competitions for writing video game reviews. He has also been running the mobile video game review website Arcadelife since January 2011, although that has had to take a bit of a back seat while he has been been concentrating on writing novels since 2012.

Apart from writing, he has played bass guitar in a punk band, broken his leg racing motocross, been married in Las Vegas, and worked for a variety of IT departments in the UK.

A few of his favorite authors are Michael Marshall Smith, Richard Laymon, James Lee Burke, and Christa Faust.

The author always enjoys hearing from his readers - please refer to the contact details below.

Connect with J.W. Tapper via the Author's Website
and on Twitter: @JWTapper.

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