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Monday, December 08, 2014

Featured Indie Book: Duplicity's Child (FJ Harmon)

Duplicity's Child (FJ Harmon)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Suspense Thriller Duplicity's Child by FJ Harmon.

Duplicity's Child (A Mace Franklyn Mystery) explores some of the motivations and thinking driving the behavior of a serial killer.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon CreateSpace and is available as eBook and Paperback - 326 pages - released in October 2014.

About the Book

A serial killer is ravaging the coeds of a small college town, but killing them is just the beginning of his fantasy.

Criminal profiler Mace Franklyn, struggling with the scars from his prior mental illness, is hired to stop this murderer, and is determined to prove his FBI honed skills have not been dulled. However, complications surface quickly, when the head of the Michigan Bureau of Investigation questions his suitability, and Mace discovers he must work with his ex-wife, the person most hurt by actions from his murky past. Overcoming these problems, he identifies likely suspects, but his efforts are undermined by someone within the investigation task force.

The identity of this insider becomes the key to his investigation, but only when Mace puts into jeopardy his own life, and that of the one he most loves, does he discover the disturbing truth behind Duplicity’s Child.

Duplicity's Child (FJ Harmon)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] The story take the reader through the murky minds of a serial killer, and his handler, and leaves the reader to determine which of the two is the most evil. Each twist of the plot demands a turn of the page. Recommended to those who love a fast-paced thriller." - Flora (Amazon)

- "[...] under the surface is a man who is emotionally and physiologically vulnerable, battered from within and without, frequently tripped up by his own failing physiology. Witness also antagonist Roger Mandell, Narcissistic, totally self-centered, head of the Michigan Bureau of Investigation, a man who would rather an alleged serial killer continue to operate with impunity, while he harvests political capital from the situation. I highly recommend this novel to aficionados of crime fiction, police procedural, and character-driven suspense." - Mallory Anne-Marie Forbes Haws

- "Excellent!" - James N. (Amazon)

About the Author

Author FJ Harmon
Author FJ Harmon
FJ Harmon was born in Detroit, Michigan struggled working his way through college and kept a jump ahead of the draft board by joining a Naval Reserve Officer Corps program. The net result was that in the summer of 1968 he graduated from college, married and went onto active duty all within the same month. He began his Naval Intelligence career in Washington, D.C., where he remained for the next thirty-six years.

After his initial tour of active duty, he stayed in the reserves and pursued duel careers as a Naval Reserve Intelligence officer, and national intelligence technical analyst working for, in eventual succession, the Naval Intelligence Command, the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency. Until 2007 his writing was confined to technical documents, position papers and contract proposals, not exactly the stuff of great fiction.

His urge to write his stories remained on the “back burner” until retirement in 2007, when looking for something to do with his time he was inspired by a proposed state of North Carolina initiative for a deep-sea port between a nuclear power plant and a nuclear arms depot. It sounded like a scenario ripe for terrorist action. The next six years were devoted to research and honing his suspense thriller writing skills and his first book was born, “Revenge For What Is Sacred”. One year after that he completed a second book, “Duplicity’s Child”.

He is currently writing for a local magazine in St. James, North Carolina, Cat-Tales, and working on his next books.

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Duplicity's Child (FJ Harmon)

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