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Friday, November 07, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Romancing Christmas (Mayer, Thomson, Rhondeau, Lynch, Loyd, Lohr, James, Hughey, Grace, Ayala)

New Indie Book Release:
Romancing Christmas: 10 Love Stories to Spice up the Holidays - Dale Mayer, H.D. Thomson, Chantel Rhondeau, Leslie Lynch, Sandy Loyd, Barbara Lohr, Marcia James, Carolyn Hughey, Tallulah Grace, Rachelle Ayala
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Holiday Romance - (858 pages - November 2014)

Limited time sale (only 99 Cents) on this great holiday collection. Do you like your Christmas naughty or nice? Bring the season into your heart with love stories to match your mood. This boxed set from 10 of today's hottest romance authors will warm your heart even on the coldest night!

"Romancing Christmas is a box set of 10 novellas by some of the best-selling romance authors on the market. [...] There is something for everyone in this box set. Go get this box set today!" - Reader Review

About the Collection

Romancing Christmas Collection (Mayer, Thomson, Rhondeau, Lynch, Loyd, Lohr, James, Hughey, Grace, Ayala)
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This fine collection includes these novels:

Broken Protocols 3.5 by Dale Mayer, USA Today Bestselling Author
Dani and Charmin, her talking cat, were brought 200 years into the future to a world without Christmas. Nostalgic for holiday cheer, Dani yearns to celebrate, and Levi, her hunky future lover is just the guy to make it happen. How can he create Christmas in a world that no longer knows what a holiday is?

Shades of Holly by H. D. Thomson
Murder with Mistletoe.
Enter Zach Howard, a man who's finally managed to get his life on track this holiday season, until that is, he comes across a pair of otherworldly sunglasses. They reveal scenes of a terrifying future. Holly, the one woman he's never stopped loving, is in danger of a psychopath. Zach's determined to fight for Holly, even at the risk of his own life. Do Christmas miracles and angels still exist?

Season For Love by Chantel Rhondeau
The specter of death tempered by beautiful miracles is all in a day's work for head nurse Tess Riggs and pediatric specialist Dr. Dash Brisson. But discovering Christmas is the season for love could be their biggest challenge yet.

Christmas Hope (2013 Golden Heart finalist) by Leslie Lynch
Sam Bledsoe can barely keep food on the table, as well as his badly scarred face away from curious eyes. Free spirit Becca Sweet is pregnant--and down on her luck. With Christmas and a storm on the way, living in her car is no longer an option. Sam comes to Becca's rescue, but will hope lead to love, the most precious Christmas gift of all?

A Christmas Miracle (a 2014 Carolyn Reader's Choice winner) by Sandy Loyd
Megan Jenkins isn't looking forward to Christmas, a holiday that reminds her of what she had and lost, a husband who died right after Christmas, leaving her with a fatherless son to raise. On Christmas Eve, Megan experiences her own Christmas Miracle as she learns the true meaning of giving with the help of Kevin Murdock, a long-time friend who's always been there for her.

The Salty Carmel Christmas by Barbara Lohr
Nothing ever changes for Rachel Morgan in Paris, Indiana. But when she returns home for Christmas, a kiss from a soft-spoken guy with killer blue eyes makes her take a second look. Sometimes life can be like a salty Christmas carmel--sweet but with a tang you remember. Sometimes the boy you leave behind is the man you want forever.

Heating Up the Holidays by Marcia James
When Chris Spencer returns home with his daughter, he's not looking for a second chance with his first love. And the last thing Nicky Paxton needs at Christmas time is her high school heart-breaker. But thanks to a hairless dog and a lonely child, they might get their Christmas desires.

Insanity Claus by Carolyn Hughey
A widow of two years, Mallory Gardner is struggling to keep her business alive and her dysfunctional family together. Having two daughters, one who blames Mallory for her father's death is enough to test anyone's sanity. But when Arden J. Miller waltzes into town, he has other ideas--like capturing Mallory's heart. Will the holiday spirit sweep Mallory away and solve the unsolvable?

A Family for Christmas by Tallulah Grace
Erin Matthews returns home to find closure, but she soon discovers truths that change her life forever. Luke Simmons never expected to meet a woman who sparks fire in his soul, even as his heart is breaking. Together, they find healing, and the true spirit of Christmas, in the love of a patchwork family.

A Father for Christmas by Rachelle Ayala
Single mother Kelly Kennedy can't afford lavish gifts for her four-year-old daughter, Bree. Homeless veteran Tyler Manning doesn't believe he deserves a Merry Christmas. When Bree asks Santa for a father and picks Tyler, both Tyler and Kelly must believe in the power of love to give Bree her best Christmas ever.

Romancing Christmas Collection (Mayer, Thomson, Rhondeau, Lynch, Loyd, Lohr, James, Hughey, Grace, Ayala)
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"This is NOT your average collection of short stories with a holiday theme. This is a set of novellas you'll pull out year after year to get yourself in the holiday spirit." - Reader Review

"These are love stories with substantive themes and issues, including life-threatening illnesses, PTSD, loss, betrayal, second chances, and the magic that is Christmas." - Reader Review

"This is an excellent collection that made me swoon, cry, want to hold my honey tight, and reconnect with loved ones! Each author has written a seasonal story to get you in the mood for the holidays. The variety gives each type of romance lover something to love about this set, as we all have different tastes. The gifts inside are as lovely as the wrapping. I definitely recommend!" - Reader Review

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