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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Pretty Girl - A Memoir (Sasha Jeanelle)

New Indie Book Release:
Pretty Girl: A Memoir - Sasha Jeanelle
Memoir / Dysfunctional Relationships (140 pages - October 2014)

About the Book

Pretty Girl - A Memoir (Sasha Jeanelle)
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The Unravelling of a life, in ruins, as a result of a controlling relationship that spanned over a decade.

This is a relatable book for all women, particularly those that are going through or have gone through traumatic relationships. It is a harsh depiction of abuse and its lingering affects, but holds a glimmer of hope for a new beginning once you find your way out of the rubble.

"A courageously written coming-of-age story wherein a young woman finally triumphs and finds love and acceptance in the place she least expected… Throughout her memoir the author candidly chronicles the often heart-wrenching events, characters and choices that have shaped her life in a brave and inspiring attempt to rid her-self of the demons that plague her journey to self-love and acceptance. Bravo!" - Reader Review

About the Author

Author Sasha Jeanelle
Author Sasha Jeanelle

Sasha Jeanelle lives in Toronto, has earned two degrees including a Masters in education and is a former Learning and development manager.

Sasha is currently fulfilling her purpose as an author and single mother of a long awaited baby boy.

Connect with Sasha Jeanelle on Twitter: @SashaJeanelle.

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