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Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Phoenix (Wayne Marinovich)

New Indie Book Release:
Phoenix - Wayne Marinovich
Action Thriller (320 pages - July 2014)

Phoenix deals with the ever controversial subject of man’s influence on Climate change. What would happen in a post-catastrophe world, when powerful secret organizations make a play for the last available nuclear plants?

About the Book

Phoenix (Wayne Marinovich)
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It's 2028 and the world's major cities have been flooded by a three meter rise in sea-level following a catastrophic climate change event.

Kyle Gibbs escapes from a prison ship in a bid to track down members of the new global government responsible for him and his team's false incarceration. To succeed, he is forced to join and serve them. On their first mission, he is tasked to capture one of the last operational nuclear sites in France which is refusing to join the Global Government Collective.

In climate-ravaged Kenya, a group of warriors set off on an epic journey to forge new lives for themselves in Europe, fighting off rival gangs and brutal slave debt owners along the way, to reach the land they believe will change their lives for the better.

The two groups of fighting men are set on a collision course, facilitated by the mysterious resistance leader, Vargen, hell-bent on bringing the global government to its knees.

About the Author

Author Wayne Marinovich
Author Wayne Marinovich
Wayne Marinovich is an author and wildlife photographer who grew up on a farm in South Africa and spent most of his young life outdoors, learning and developing his passion for the natural world. When he was not fishing, bird watching, riding his bike or climbing trees, he was running around on top of the barn roof, fighting imaginary villains.

After a successful career as an IT consultant which saw him travel to all the places he loves writing about, he settled in the leafy county of Surrey, England where he now resides with his wife and fellow photographer, Anneli.

His passion lies with conservation and environmental issues which affect both humans and the natural world alike, and he is most happy photographing and writing about the planet's beauty and fragility.

Currently he is working on the Kyle Gibbs series, an environmental piece set in a future climate-changed world. The first three books in the series have been published and he is currently working on the fourth. Wayne is also working on a portfolio of environmental novellas and short stories, the latest release being, Floodlanders, a teenager's tragic journey in a flooded London.

Connect with Wayne Marinovich via the Author's Website
and on Twitter: @WM_Books.

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