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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Fear of Heights (Mara White)

New Indie Book Release:
Fear of Heights - Mara White
Adult Romance (250 pages - September 2014)

Fear of Heights (Heightsbound) is a gritty, urban portrait of love and loss in the twenty-first century, centered in New York City's notorious Washington Heights. It’s an unconventional tale of forbidden love that challenges the confines of class, culture, race, gender and age.

- "This is not a typical romance, and deals with some very heavy themes. The plot is twisty and surprising and that is why this review is vague. This book is best experienced first-hand. If you are a fan of gritty, sexy, intensely emotional books, then Fear of Heights is a must-read."- Reader Review

About the Book

Fear of Heights (Mara White)
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What are you willing to sacrifice for love?

Your family? Your freedom? What about your life?

She’s a wealthy, forty-three-year-old Upper East Sider with a PhD – He’s a twenty-three-year-old Dominican drug dealer from Washington Heights.

Kate Champion always did exactly what was expected of her. She was the perfect wife, the perfect mother–until the day she met Jaylee Inoa.

Their journey travels a path riddled with danger, deceit, scandal and loss–where nothing is as it seems. Yet Kate and Jaylee’s passion for one another remains nearly unstoppable.

Will this daring pair of lovers from two different worlds triumph over circumstance? Can they deny the past in their quest to be together? Or is fear the ultimate navigator-a force more powerful than love?

About the Author

Author Mara White
Author Mara White

Mara White is a reader, a writer, and a lover of all things romantic.

She’s also a coffee, hot sauce, ink, telenovela and Bikram Yoga enthusiast.

She lives in New York City with her husband and two children, and she spends a lot of time on the playground.

Connect with Mara White via the Author's Facebook Page
and on Twitter: @authormarawhite.

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