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Thursday, October 02, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Then You Happened (Sandi Lynn)

New Indie Book Release:
Then You Happened - Sandi Lynn
Romantic Comedy (357 pages - September 2014)

Then You Happened is a romantic comedy where two people, who couldn’t be more opposite, meet and form a friendship with only one rule.

"WOW! I am a huge fan of Sandi Lynn and she hit this one out of the park!! The character development in this story is amazing and you'll fall in love with Cam & Sierra. The secondary characters are just as developed and they add so much to the story, in fact, I'm hoping to see a future story involving some of them. The humor throughout the story had me laughing out loud!" - Reader Review

About the Book

Then You Happened (Sandi Lynn)
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When Sierra’s father died, he left her in charge of the family business. At the age of twenty-eight, Sierra Adams became CEO of Adams Advertising & Design, one of the top ten advertising agencies in the world. Her work was her life. She lived and breathed it every day, leaving little time for play. Having once been in a relationship that completely destroyed her, Sierra vowed to use men for one thing only: SEX. No strings, no problems, and most importantly, no heartache.

Cameron Cole is an ordinary guy that makes a living as a carpenter. He’s a simple man who’s happy with life the way it is. He does a job he loves, has a great group of friends, and a close knit family.
When Sierra hires Cameron to remodel her Hollywood Hills home, their happy little worlds are turned upside down. She likes the rich things in life and he likes the simple things. While there’s no denying the strong attraction between them, they form a hilarious friendship where sex is the only thing Sierra wants. Cameron can’t help but want more and makes it his mission to bring Sierra into his simple world and show her that there’s more to life than just all work and money.

Take Cameron and Sierra’s journey in this romantic comedy as they discover that when life hands you limes, you have no choice but to break out the tequila.

About the Author

Author Sandi Lynn
Author Sandi Lynn
Sandi Lynn, born and raised in the US, has always dreamed of becoming an author since she won her first young author's award in grade school.

She spends her days writing full-time and creating a world of romance. Sandi Lynn is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Forever Trilogy (Forever Black, Forever You, Forever Us).

She has a severe coffee addiction and can usually be found hanging out at the local Starbucks with her laptop, sipping lattes and writing.

In addition to writing romance novels, she loves to write poetry and hearing from her readers.

Connect with Sandi Lynn via Facebook
and Twitter: @SandilynnWriter

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