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Friday, October 24, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Pizza & Promises (Sophia Bar-Lev)

New Indie Book Release:
Pizza & Promises - Sophia Bar-Lev
Contemporary Women's Fiction / Boomer Fiction (256 pages - October 2014)

Pizza & Promises is a humorous novel as well as insightful look at the lives of four retired women from different parts of the world who settle in Tuscany and develop an enriching & complex friendship.

"The blurb of the book actually hooked me in immediately! Female characters who defy stereotypes and take on the world by storm always fascinate me and make for extremely fun literary characters. And in this regard, Pizza and Promises by Sophia Bar-Lev didn’t disappoint." - Reader Review

About the Book

Pizza & Promises (Sophia Bar-Lev)
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This novel continues the story of the adventures and experiences of four women from around the world who choose Tuscany as their retirement haven.

Frequently humorous, sometimes deeply moving and at other times, heart-wrenching, you will be charmed and challenged by these women who defy stereotypes, ignore supposed age limitations and leave you wishing they lived next door!

PIZZA & PROMISES is the second of Sophia Bar-Lev's series of novels set in Tuscany.

About the Author

Author Sophia Bar-Lev
Author Sophia Bar-Lev
Adult educator, author and motivational speaker, Sophia Bar-Lev writes contemporary novels with a particular emphasis on highlighting the wit and the wisdom of today's 'Boomer' generation.

Spiced with humor and clearly defined characters, her novels convey meaningful insights into the attitudes and values of today's Boomer generation while appealing to readers of all ages as reflected by reviews posted on Amazon.

She also authors inspirational works that draw on spiritual principles found in the Bible.

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