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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Featured Indie Book: The Yellow Hoods - Along Came a Wolf (Adam Dreece)

The Yellow Hoods - Along Came a Wolf (Adam Dreece)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Science-Fiction / Steampunk The Yellow Hoods: Along Came a Wolf by Adam Dreece.

The Yellow Hoods is a young adult series layered for the mature reader. It incorporates elements of classical fairy-tales through the lens of "what if they were founded on something, long ago, on a different world, playing a role like Ring-around-the-Rosie does in reminding us of the black plague."

The Book has been self-published via ADZO Publishing and is available as eBook and Paperback - 220 pages - released in April 2014.

About the Book

Seeds of a technological revolution have started to sprout in this old world, about to change it forever. A secret society, long thought crushed, makes its first move against its unsuspecting, benevolent opponent.

Master inventor Nikolas Klaus has seen some of this coming, and has quietly broken the rule of keeping his secret society's knowledge and skills from the younger generations. He knows that the day will come when they will be needed, but has underestimated how soon.

Tee, Elly, and Richy shed their innocence and are forced to stand as the Yellow Hoods to overcome life- threatening dangers unleashed as secrets of Nikolas' past are revealed.

Will Nikolas' secrets cost him the life of his granddaughter? Are his efforts too little, too late?

The Yellow Hoods - Along Came a Wolf (Adam Dreece)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "If you are looking for a well written and creative, original book- this is it. The story is fresh and easy to follow, yet still provides pleasant surprises along the way. The ideas are beyond creative and extremely enjoyable. But my favorite thing about this book? The unique character development! I have never read a book that has such an amazing visual of the growth (or decline, in the case of LeLoup) of a character.[...]" - Olivia Foust

- "[...] The Yellow Hoods by Adam Dreece is NOT your average fairy-tale! Follow the adventures of young Tee in this steampunk-emergent novel that combines wit and imaginative storytelling. Mr Dreece has a way of writing that captures the hearts of every reader, young and old. You will not regret buying this book!" - Jeremy / Nico S. (Amazon)

- "[...] I would highly recommend this book. It's action packed and my favorite parts were the chase scenes. This author uses very descriptive details and knows how to make action happen. The characters are clear but I think more information on the bad guy's history was needed. Other than that, it was all good and I loved it. I think you will too!" - Maria (Amazon)

- "[...] The book can be enjoyed alone, yet also sets the stage for more Yellow Hoods stories to come. I'm eager to see how this series will unfold: an old world with an accelerating pace of innovation, a conflict forming between kingdoms and the secret societies within them, and new heroes who will find themselves at the center of it all. Bring it on!" - Chris W. Rea

About the Author

Author Adam Dreece
Author Adam Dreece

Adam Dreece is a young adult author who layers his work for the mature reader.

His new series, The Yellow Hoods, has struck a cord with readers of all ages, and has been called refreshing, unique, thought provoking and a fun, wild ride.

Adam lives in Calgary, Alberta with his family and is busily working on book 3 in the 5 part series.

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Link to the Paperback The Yellow Hoods: Along Came a Wolf on Amazon with Excerpt

Link to the eBook The Yellow Hoods: Along Came a Wolf on Amazon with Excerpt

The Yellow Hoods - Along Came a Wolf (Adam Dreece)

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