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Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Witch's Curse (Debra L Martin & David W Small)

New Indie Book Release:
Witch's Curse (The Witch Stone Prophecy) - Debra L Martin & David W Small
Epic Fantasy (460 pages - July 2014)

Witch's Curse is a sweeping epic fantasy about magic, witches, assassins and a legendary Stone that could unite or destroy the Kingdom of Tavia.

"Witch's Curse absolutely ranks up in my top 10 best fantasy novels of all time.[...] The writing is superb, the descriptions detailed without going overboard. Every city, every dimly lit tavern, and every snowy mountain pass was vivid in my mind." - Reader Review

About the Book

Witch's Curse (Debra L Martin & David W Small)
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When elite assassin, Jeda DeLongo, fled the Assassin's Guild years earlier, he knew there would be a price to be paid. No one ever left the Guild, but he never imagined his beloved wife and unborn son would pay the price for his betrayal. Now Keisha's life hangs in the balance and the most powerful healers in the Kingdom cannot lift her unnatural coma the assassins put her in. There is only one cure, find the legendary Witch Stone.

Jeda leads an impossible quest to recover the Witch Stone--a stone that has been lost for a hundred years. Crucial to the success of the quest are his twin daughters, the famous children of prophecy, but are they unwitting pawns in the witch's power struggles? Forces of White and Black Witches are gathering. Can Jeda find the Witch Stone and heal his wife or will he be instrumental in starting another witch war, the likes of which the kingdom has never seen before?

About the Author

Author Debra L Martin
Author Debra L Martin
Debra L Martin, science fiction and fantasy author, started writing with co-author, David W Small in 2006. Writing with a co-author is challenging in itself, but when 1 author lives on the East Coast and 1 lives on the West Coast, the challenges are a bit more daunting, but because we live in an electronic world of email, Instant Messenger and Skype, the partnership is totally workable.

What makes the partnership even better is that David is her brother. They have loved the same types of books while growing up and that love naturally evolved into writing their own books.

To-date, they have published 5 novels and a series of novellas in their post-apocalyptic series, Dark Future.

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