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Friday, September 26, 2014

New Indie Book Release: The Parasites (Marjorie DeLuca)

New Indie Book Release:
The Parasites (The Iduna Project) - Marjorie DeLuca
YA Science Fiction (211 pages - June 2014)

The Parasites is a YA Dystopia dealing with the power struggle between a mega corporation, organized crime and government to control age reversal and immortality technology. Paige, a 19year old "forever" and her friends are caught in the middle of it.

"[...] But my favorite part of this book was the action - there was a lot of it - and it gets really intense. This is where DeLuca shined. I enjoy an action-packed movie that has me on the edge of my seat and while reading The Parasites, I could see the scenes - the explosions, the carnage - and I loved it!" - Reader Review

About the Book

The Parasites (Marjorie DeLuca)
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Life seems to be perfect until Paige uncovers a darker side to the peaceful paradise. Before she can confront Junius about it, they're whisked away on a secret mission to infiltrate the Crime Lords.

After a dangerous and grueling training period, Paige and Junius plunge into the strange, ruined world of Sin City and the Crime Lords, whose lives are defined by death defying feats and undying loyalty in battle.

They meet Antoine, the charismatic but dangerous leader of the Snakes, who draws them into the wild and crazy Sin City lifestyle, and reveals the gruesome methods used to access the forever serum from the captured feeders.

Paige makes some unexpected discoveries about her past, and Chale’s sudden reappearance forces her to make decisions and take risks she never imagined, to ensure his safety.
One thing never changes - the people with power will do anything to gain control of the Forever technology. But who will gain the upper hand? The Crime Lords or the wealthy "Age Reversed Parasites" backed by Iduna Corporation? Or maybe someone else Paige never suspected.

About the Author

Author Marjorie DeLuca
Author Marjorie DeLuca
Marjorie DeLuca was born in the beautiful cathedral city of Durham in North-Eastern England and spent her childhood on a quirky little country lane named Creamery Cottages near a spooky place called Bat House!

Later she spent some exciting years at university in London, then moved to Canada where she lives with her husband, two children and a crazy dog named Bella.

She loves writing all types of teen novels, especially sci-fi, but she also writes historical fiction and is considering a thriller next!

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