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Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Indie Book Release: 27Hours (Gerald C. Anderson, Sr.)

New Indie Book Release:
27Hours: What Would You Do If You Faced The End? - Gerald C. Anderson, Sr.
Christian Fiction (392 pages - July 2014)

"The story draws you in and keeps you until the end. You will find yourself fussing at the characters and their reactions. This book makes you grapple with your own understanding of the end times.[...] This is a must read book that you will refer to others. I have recommended this book to several friends who have read it and found it to be a page-turner." - Reader Review

About the Book

27Hours (Gerald C. Anderson, Sr.)
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In just over a day, Earth will be destroyed!

Sex, drugs and alcohol dominate the last hours. Christians turn against God. Bishop Carroll announces to the world that the Bible is nothing but a book of fairy tales for children.

But what is the Bishop hiding? Why is he willing to kill over it?

Follow the story as the main characters struggle with their faith. Some will chose to follow the Bishop and enter “The Peachtree Zone” while others fight to stick to their beliefs.

What would you do ... give into the world or stick to your faith?

About the Author

Author Gerald C. Anderson, Sr.
Author Gerald C. Anderson, Sr.
Gerald C. Anderson, Sr. fell in love with writing while attaining his Master's degree from the University of Cincinnati.

After graduation he set out to write his first novel. Two years later he released, We Come in Peace, a novel based on the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Not wanting to stop there he began writing his second novel 27 Hours.

Gerald plans to continue the 27 Hours series by writing a sequel entitled In the Midst of Evil scheduled to be released in May of 2015.

Connect with Gerald C. Anderson, Sr. via the Author's Website
and Twitter: @geraldcanderson

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