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Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Indie Book Release: The Pink Victorian (Laurie Adair Grove)

New Indie Book Release:
The Pink Victorian - Laurie Adair Grove
Women’s Fiction (272 pages - June 2014)

In The Pink Victorian, the main character and others are reminded through tragedy and triumph of the importance of trusting and taking care of each other, and the amazing power of forgiveness.

"The Pink Victorian was an unexpected pleasure for me to read. This is a great book by a great writer! I would highly suggest reading this book." - Reader Review

About the Book

The Pink Victorian (Laurie Adair Grove)
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The Pink Victorian, sequel to Crossroads Serenade, joins Meredith in her third year of ownership of The Serenade—a restaurant, bar and hotel she was left by a dear friend in her hometown of Crossroads, Montana.

It hasn’t been all joy and happiness, but at least business is good, her home life is peaceful, and her circle of friends is strong and growing.

Meredith feels like she has come into her own, and that life seems pretty good. Suddenly, though, a dark shadow from the past shows up—one she didn’t think she’d ever have to deal with again.

One that could easily cause the foundation of Meredith’s world to come crashing down.

About the Author

Author Laurie Adair Grove
Author Laurie Adair Grove

It was with great joy that Laurie Adair Grove published her first novel, Crossroads Serenade, in July of 2012. In June of 2014 she celebrated again when the sequel, The Pink Victorian, was published.

Laurie called Montana home for a number of years and loves it still, so she set her two books in a fictitious town in the Big Sky Country.

Some characters in the books are just itching to talk more, Laurie says, so she wouldn’t be surprised if more stories come from the direction of Crossroads, Montana.

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