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Saturday, July 05, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Wrong or Write (Sky Corgan)

New Indie Book Release:
Wrong or Write (Boxed Set) - Sky Corgan
Contemporary Adult Romance (500 pages - June 2014)

Wrong or Write - Boxed Set includes all three novels of the Wrong or Write series in one set.

About the Books

Wrong or Write (Sky Corgan)
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Kim Naramore is young, naive, inexperienced, and hopelessly in love with wealthy author Dominick Parker.

Growing up together, she always imagined him becoming her husband, but when fate pulls them apart, time turns them into strangers. When they're reunited, Kim's not sure what Dominick is thinking anymore. All she knows is that he has an insatiable lust, and it seems to be entirely targeted on her.

Also included: Damaged (Behind Her Green Eyes)
Dominick Parker's novel that gives you a glimpse into his past and what could have been.

Adjusting to a new town was hard for Tara Edwards. Luckily, she was able to find a friend in Darren Jones, the boy whose family owns half the city. He offered her protection and friendship, but what he wanted in return was more than Tara was willing to give.

Eventually, Tara leaves the city she grew up in, looking to start a new life. She soon finds that sometimes what you don't want is exactly what you need.

When tragic circumstances cause her to return to the city that she hates, it feels like everyone she has ever damaged is there to haunt her. Tara finds herself caught between two men, trapped between her past and her future.

About the Author

Author Sky Corgan
Author Sky Corgan
Sky Corgan lives in a little podunk town near San Antonio, Texas.

When she’s not typing away at the next steamy romance novel, she’s busy planning for future vacations.

Originally a horror author, sex scenes and love stories kept magically creeping into her work, so she decided to make the switch to romance. Now she enjoys writing stories that make your heart flutter and your inner yearnings awaken.

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