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Monday, July 14, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Second Chances - Super Romance Bundle II (Gamet, Kelly, Ramer, McLaughlin, Phinney, Rogers, Winston, Ely, Fryer, Mayer, Netzel)

New Indie Book Release:
Second Chances-Super Romance Bundle II - Amy Gamet, Kate Kelly, Edie Ramer, Linda McLaughlin, Barbara Phinney, Donna Marie Rogers, Lois Winston, Wendy Ely, Pamela Fryer, Dale Mayer, Stacey Joy Netzel
Contemporary Romance / Adult Romance / Western Romance - (July 2014)

Second Chances-Super Romance Bundle II: Eleven romance books from New York Times, USA Today and bestselling, award-winning authors.

The blockbuster box set with more than 100,000 copies sold is back for more! We've got a lonesome cowboy, a spurned bride-to-be, a heartbroken widower and an unexpected pregnancy, along with a tasty smattering of intrigue, murder and suspense. Almost half a million words and two thousand pages of strong heroes and daring heroines who'll do anything for a second chance at love.

About the Collection

Second Chances - Super Romance Bundle II (Gamet, Kelly, Ramer, McLaughlin, Phinney, Rogers, Winston, Ely, Fryer, Mayer, Netzel)
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This fine collection includes these Romance Books:

Second Chances—Dale Mayer - @DaleMayer

Go ahead. Take Charge of your life. Move forward...if you can...
Changing her future means letting go of her past. Karina heads to a weekend seminar and comes face to face with the man she can’t forget. But she soon realizes bigger issues are facing her... And one of them is deadly...

The Perfect Blend—Donna Marie Rogers - @DMR_LizaJames
Carrie is on the verge of bankruptcy when Matt walks in and offers her unwanted business advice. The rich playboy fled L.A. for the anonymity of small town life and quickly falls for the local coffee shop owner—who’s as infuriating as she is beautiful.

The Heart of the Matter—Stacey Joy Netzel - @StaceyJoyNetzel
Heartbroken she can’t have kids, Allie keeps her distance when Rick moves home with an adorable four year-old son who’s as hard to resist as his father. Does she dare take a chance on an impossible dream, or will his desire for more kids devastate their future?

Meghan’s Wish—Amy Gamet @amygamet
Meghan O'Connor returns to the family she ran away from as a teenager, afraid they won't forgive her for leaving town with Liam Wheaton, the boy they tried so hard to keep her away from and the father of her baby. She never expected to find Liam living there, looking sexier than ever and mad as all hell.

Mo’s Heart—Edie Ramer - @edieramer
Mo Vincent did the right thing in New Jersey, and it cost him his son, his wife, his restaurant. Now he’s found a home in Miracle, Wisconsin. He should be content...but his heart wants what he can’t have...

Hooking Mr. Right—Lois Winston
A failure at relationships, Thea Chandler is secretly a bestselling romance advice guru. Luke Bennett, New York’s most eligible bachelor, thinks he’s finally found an honest woman, but Thea’s got more secrets than the CIA. Can a butt-ugly cat named Cupid play matchmaker?

The Lost Finder—Pamela Fryer - @PamelasBooks
The first halfway decent guy to come along in eons...and he’s from another planet. Private Investigator Brooke Weaver hopes she can slip into her Oregon hometown, find her client’s missing teenage daughter, and be on her way again before anyone notices. Not likely.

Cape of Secrets—Georgina Lee
Marika Host lands a dream summer job helping renowned archeologist Sir William write his memoirs, exposing years of secrets. His son Derrick adds romance to her summer, but when Sir William is murdered, Marika realizes some secrets are best kept buried.

Shattered—Kate Kelly - @KateKellywrites
Failing to save his sister’s life, Jay Rawlings insists he be left alone to live the lonesome cowboy life. But when the woman he once loved returns to his ranch with a killer and the police in hot pursuit, Jay has to face the demons from his past.

In His Embrace—Wendy Ely - @WendyElyAuthor
When life’s glow threatens to die, love guides the way. Tori expected an ordinary Friday. It wasn’t. Ben’s hand rested on her hip a little longer during their goodbye. Then her tests came back abnormal. Scared and alone, she wishes for Ben’s hand to hold. Can he make it back to her in time?

How To Woo…A Reluctant Bride—Lyndi Lamont - @LyndiLamont
A marriage of convenience, nothing more...until darkly handsome Evan Channing and demure Lydia Blatchford meet. The rules are simple for such an arrangement. No expectations, no illusions of anything more. But the rules are about to change...

Second Chances - Super Romance Bundle II (Gamet, Kelly, Ramer, McLaughlin, Phinney, Rogers, Winston, Ely, Fryer, Mayer, Netzel)
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"Dale is a master at storytelling, drawing the reader into the story with impeccable finesse." - Reader Review

"It was all there. Drama and romance... In all of the three books I read, this was my favorite...I almost cried on some parts. It was so worth reading and you won't be disappointed." - Reader Review

"Wendy Ely does a wonderful job of ramping up the heat in this sweet romance. A quick, satisfying read." - Reader Review

Grab these eleven romances today for only 99 cents. It's a great deal and great beach read. Many bestselling and award winning authors.

The collection offers a variety from all different genres within the romance field.