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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Arach - Whispering Souls (MG Schoombee)

New Indie Book Release:
Arach: Whispering Souls - MG Schoombee
(Epic) Fantasy (393 pages - June 2014)

Arach: Whispering Souls is an epic fantasy novel, with faeries, dwarfs, vampires, werewolves, witches, wizards and humans coming together to fight, with magic and some awesome sword battles, the evilness sucking the lifeblood from mother earth.

About the Book

Arach - Whispering Souls (MG Schoombee)
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Raphael and his gang of otherworldly beings continue on their epic road trip to share their music with the world. The trip takes unwanted turns as they meet up with supernatural dangers taking them to death's door.

Surprising new friends cross their path as they venture into the other realms, seeking the evilness that they need to destroy before he ends the earth as we know it, and we the human race become their only food source. The same evilness is sucking all beauty, light and love from our precious mother earth.

Can all beings, humans and those from the unseen worlds, stand together to fight this darkness devouring us?

Do they want to ?

About the Author

Author MG Schoombee
Author MG Schoombee
MG Schoombee lives in beautiful sunny South Africa, with her family.

She loves nature and animals and believes in faeries. Rock music, reading, archery and of course writing keeps her busy.

She loves the mythical and fantasy side of life.

"I live in a world filled with the wonder of everyday happenings and I dance among them searching for all the magickal blessings bestowed on me."

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