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Saturday, June 21, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Twenty Thousand Miles to See a Tree (Cindie Cohagan)

New Indie Book Release:
Twenty Thousand Miles to See a Tree - Cindie Cohagan
Non-Fiction / Travel / An Around the World Bicycle Journey (178 pages - May 2014)

Twenty Thousand Miles to See a Tree is more than a travelogue - it's about lessons learned from an eight year journey around the world.

About the Book

Twenty Thousand Miles to See a Tree (Cindie Cohagan)
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A fascinating travel story that takes you on one woman’s eight-year journey as she explores different destinations, cultures, religions, and finally her own inner transformation.

This interview-style book answers practical questions for all adventure seekers, but then goes on to probes deeper as Cindie explains why she left her life as a global nomad to settle down in the Himalayan foothills.

Cindie’s epic cycling quest begins as an external bicycle tour of the world, but as she physically covers thirty thousand miles across twenty-three countries on four continents she overcomes illness and inner fears, changes life careers, and becomes a Buddhist, proving that the ultimate journey was a spiritual pilgrimage leading to personal awakening.

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About the Author

Author Cindie Cohagan
Author Cindie Cohagan
Cindie Cohagan is a woman of many passions. After graduating with a degree in geology, she eventually went on to do high-level consulting work.

When the opportunity to cycle the world presented itself at the age of forty, Cindie responded with enthusiasm and left her successful career to travel twenty-three countries and co-write three books with her travel companion, Tim Travis.

Cindie has since written about her travels in China and now has condensed her travels into highlights, lessons and reflections. Cindie Cohagan lives in Dharamsala India, world traveler, writer/publisher, meditator, and a dreamer.

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