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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Only Wheat Not White (Varsha Dixit)

New Indie Book Release:
Only Wheat Not White - Varsha Dixit
Contemporary Romance (288 pages - June 2014)

Only Wheat Not White is a sweet, steamy multicultural romance that is about breaking stereotypes and love that goes beyond borders.

About the Book

Only Wheat Not White (Varsha Dixit)
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What if the one you completely love is the one you simply can't!

Twenty-six-year-old Eila Sood moves to America to mend fences with her estranged older sister, Sheela. Eila and the rest of the family in India had cut off ties with Sheela after she married Steve Jacobs, 'out of caste, and out of color'.

Elia soon realizes that Sheela's marriage is on the rocks. To help pay Sheela's household bills, Eila takes a second job at an afternoon strip club. When she crosses paths with the owner, the handsome Brett Wright or 'blue-eyed ogre' as Elia calls him, he both infuriates and fascinates her. Brett turns out to be her reluctant and unquestionably sarcastic knight in shining armor.

As Eila and Brett spend more time together their desire for each other builds. However, when Brett discovers the true reason for Eila's refusal he storms out of her life, accusing her of being a prejudiced coward.

Will Eila find the courage to break stereotypes and embrace her love? Will Brett find solace in the arms of his ex-girlfriend Cate?

Will Sheela and Steve divorce? All of these questions and more are answered in Varsha Dixit's latest and humorous and steamy love story.

About the Author

Author Varsha Dixit
Author Varsha Dixit
Varsha Dixit is the best selling author of three successful books.

Her debut book , Right Fit Wrong Shoe (2009) was declared the national best seller in India. She followed that by two very successful books, Xcess Baggage (2010) and Wrong Means Right End (2012). Varsha writes contemporary romance and her books and language is such that everyone who reads connects with it.

Varsha thinks deep and writes light. Her stories are positive and are about new beginnings and happy endings.

Varsha with her family is currently based in Kentucky, USA

Connect with Varsha Dixit via the Author's Website
and Twitter: @Varsha20.