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Sunday, June 08, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Hyperfleet The Path To Valor (Lance Williams)

New Indie Book Release:
Hyperfleet The Path To Valor - Lance Williams
Science Fiction - (468 pages - May 2014)

Hyperfleet The Path To Valor is a Sci-fi adventure set well into the future where Humans of Earth have expanded far into the galaxy. This story centers on a small band of military ships that must make their own way after their empire has collapsed and lost the war.

About the Book

Hyperfleet The Path To Valor (Lance Williams)
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The mighty Roman Empire has fallen...again.

History tends to repeat itself as it did with this star spanning empire. Thriving republics become expanding empires, empires fall, and new struggling republics rise again. Where do patriots of the old nation go? Do they fight and die with the old regime? Join the new regime? Or carve out their own place in history?

Admiral Trevin Jendarm and the crew of Hyperfleet, a crew made up of the politically unreliable, undesirable, and just plain forgotten, have that choice to make. Caught between a dying empire that ruled with an iron fist, and an overzealous new republic that wants to punish everything Roman, the men and women of Hyperfleet must decide their own destiny. One that will allow them to adhere to the ideals and values they signed up to fight for, and hopefully one that will not get them destroyed.

Admiral Jendarm must lead Hyperfleet in their quest for a new home in a very dangerous galaxy.

About the Author

Author Lance Williams
Author Lance Williams
Lance Williams has always had a creative passion for good stories. He was inspired by many books, movies and games that created wonderful realms in which to escape. His lists of favorites, whether they be authors or movie makers, are long and from multiple genres. Lance favors science fiction and has started his writing there.

Lance graduated from Cypress Creek High School in Houston, Texas in 1987 and received his psychology degree from Stephen F. Austin State University. He returned to college at the University of Houston to receive his originally desired physics degree and now works as a geophysicist. Lance is second degree black belt in martial arts, he is fan of all the men and women in the armed forces and he hopes his future vision of the military honors all of those who serve, past, present and future. Lance currently lives and works in Houston, Texas.

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