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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Big Trouble (Denise Jewell)

New Indie Book Release:
Big Trouble: An Evelyn Lee Emerson Novel - Denise Jewell
Women's Fiction (158 pages - June 2014)

Big Trouble is a story where the author took real places and implanted fictional characters to making them come alive. The reader will be able to truly visualize the characters and the situations and scenes they encounter as well as relate to these women on a personal level.

About the Book

Big Trouble (Denise Jewell)
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Evelyn Lee Emerson is a sexy, smart, savvy and successful business woman from a legacy of judges and lawyers.

Planning a ski trip in the Great Smoky Mountains of Pigeon Forge, TN with her sisters sounded like nothing but fun for their ladies only winter vacation. What happens is something totally different and unplanned. Soon after arrival, they discover a cheating husband that sends them on a trip they will never forget. They quickly become immersed in a trip of chaos, sabotage, vandalism and a crooked sheriff’s department.

A trip that leaves Evelyn questioning does she know herself or her sisters as well as she thought she did.

Can Evelyn lead them out of their dire situation or will they succumb to Big Trouble?

About the Author

Author Denise Jewell
Author Denise Jewell
Denise Jewell is a person that observes everything and everyone. This has helped inspire her new writing career. She looks at real situations and thinks what would her characters do here or do there. She dreams of the day when she can travel, travel, travel and further implant her characters in the places she explores and comes to know.

Denise at first did not believe she could write her book but now knows she can and already has two more future books planned with the second already in the works. She only seems to be able to write in the evening, usually between the hours of five o’clock pm and two o’clock am. If no words come to her after an hour she leaves it alone and starts again the next day, she will never try to force it.

She wants her readers to not only enjoy her books but to get to know the characters and make them your family as well as hers because you will definitely be seeing them again.

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