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Monday, June 23, 2014

Featured Indie Book: Stranded in Time (Kelli Sue Landon)

Stranded in Time (Kelli Sue Landon)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Time Travel / Mystery Stranded in Time by Kelli Sue Landon.

Stranded in Time: If someone is stuck in a certain time for years, how would they live? How could they build a life with someone without telling them about their past? If they get back home, what did their friends and family do that whole time they were gone?

The Book has been self-published via Trafford Publishing and is available as eBook, Hardcover and Paperback - 196 pages - released in June 2014.

About the Book

College student and art major Samantha Harper has been tracing her family tree for quite some time.

Her mother, Rebecca, died when Sam was sixteen and she never talked much about her past. Samantha is thrilled to hear that she will be allowed to research her mother's past for a school assignment. Upon arriving in Rebecca's old neighborhood, Sam arranges to have a tour of her mother's grade school. She finds an area inside the school that had been damaged and at first, thinking a ghost has been inhabiting the gymnasium, she accidentally crosses over into the year 1975; the year when her mother is in kindergarten. Fascinated and scared at the same time, Sam gets to witness her mother's childhood up front as she inadvertently gets involved in an old case of a young girl's accidental death.

Stranded in Time (Kelli Sue Landon)
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Little Josie Baker, a classmate of Sam's mother, died that year inside the school gymnasium. But, was it an accident? After uncovering the dark secret surrounding Josie's death, Samantha wonders if she'll ever find her way back home where her father and best friend, Josh, have been waiting for her return.

Will she return to the present or will she have to live the rest of her life in the past?

About the Author

Author Kelli Sue Landon
Author Kelli Sue Landon

Kelli Sue Landon is a short story and mystery novelist.

Her previous novels include: Sudden Moves, Nightmare At Camp Forrestwood, and Summer Shack (A Killer Vacation).

She is from Peoria, Illinois and works for the United States Postal Service.

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Stranded in Time (Kelli Sue Landon)