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Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Scotch Rising (SJ Garland)

New Indie Book Release:
Scotch Rising - SJ Garland
Historical Fiction - (229 pages - May 2014)

Scotch Rising is a Historical Fiction based in Scotland in 1707 and focuses on the attempt of James Francis Stuart to invade England through Scotland. It is set after the Act of Union is signed and ratified. It is an area of history not covered by many authors.

About the Book

Scotch Rising (SJ Garland)
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Edinburgh 1707. The English supporters in the Scottish parliament have narrowly signed the Act of Union. The controversial paper bringing England and Scotland together into one Great Britain will not be uncontested. From the Acts inception it appears doomed to carry the blood of Scots and Englishman alike.

Esmond Clyde-Dalton returns to London a broken man after his wife’s death. He only seeks a dishonorable discharge. His superior Colonel Manner’s, known for his extensive spy network, has other plans. Sent to the highlands of Scotland to become an excise collector on Scotch. Esmond quickly becomes embroiled in solving the murders of two Scots men.

As his investigation continues, Esmond soon realises life in Markinch is not all it seems. Esmond’s peaceful retirement turns to a fight to save not only his life, but also the lives of friends he has made in the highlands.

About the Author

Author SJ Garland
Author SJ Garland
SJ Garland is a huge fan of historical fiction and loves nothing more than to cozy up with a favorite author and read a whole book until it is finished. Unfortunately adult life makes this almost impossible and SJ Garland must settle for getting in a few chapters where and when she can. In between reading and writing, she volunteers as a gender researcher for the Swiss NGO NORLHA, whose mandate is to promote women’s rights in the Himalayas.

Any spare time SJ Garland can muster is spent with her husband skiing, hiking, jogging or watching rugby. I currently live in Switzerland and enjoy travelling around Europe to the places she has read about. She always look forward to the next place, which will bring inspiration.

Originally from Vancouver, SJ Garland's early years were filled with skiing, family and my academic studies. She has now been away from Canada for approximately nine years. SJ Garland is not sure whats in store for the next few years although she is sure my writing will be a big part of it.

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