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Monday, May 26, 2014

New Indie Book Release: My Enemy, Myself - The Crystalon Saga (Ralph L. Angelo Jr)

New Indie Book Release:
My Enemy, Myself - The Crystalon Saga (Book Two) - Ralph L. Angelo Jr
Epic Fantasy - (430 pages - May 2014)

My Enemy, Myself - The Crystalon Saga is an exciting Fantasy Adventure that spreads from one end of the unknown universe to the other. It’s the universes mightiest sorcerer, returned to a dimension that exiled him. But now he must strive to save it from a madman who wears his face and commits unbelievable atrocities using Crystalon’s name. Along the way he battles extremely powerful enemies that test him at every turn.

About the Book

My Enemy, Myself - The Crystalon Saga (Ralph L. Angelo Jr)
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It has been two years since Crystalon defeated the mad warlord Maceyis. Much has changed in that time. Crystalon has become his adopted worlds hidden mystic guardian, protecting the Earth from those who would threaten it with evil, sorcerous intent.

Until a visitor from his past, one he never expected to see again would appear within his very home. Now he and his companions must travel between worlds to his home dimension, a universe where he is hated and feared, to face a threat that dwarfs any challenge he has ever faced before. The challenge of an enemy who wears his very face.

The challenge of 'My Enemy, Myself'.

About the Author

Author Ralph L. Angelo Jr
Author Ralph L. Angelo Jr
Ralph L. Angelo Jr writes Sci-Fi, Epic fantasy, Sword and Sorcery and all types of heroic fiction. He has four novels out there at the present time (including this one) and two more coming this year.

Ralph loves writing action/adventure tales with larger than life characters and situations.

In his spare time, Ralph is also an avid motorcyclist, skier and guitar player.

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