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Friday, May 30, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Morality (Eva Caye)

New Indie Book Release:
Morality (To Be Sinclair) - Eva Caye
Romantic Science Fiction - (545 pages - May 2014)

The eighth book and finale of the To Be Sinclair series, Morality is about the empowerment of Princess Grace Encino-Sinclair, as she grows confident in her sexuality, her scientific authority, and her political prowess.

About the Book

Morality (Eva Caye)
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What can jolt an 18-year-old Princess from her worries about her sex life? Her training in Grandmother's secret stelluric science, of course!

Daughter of the most brilliant scientist on the planet, Princess Grace Encino-Sinclair fights to have a private life, quite difficult to achieve since she has been trained to so many Imperial secrets. Her relentless duties become a never-ending scramble to meet Imperial demands by using her scientific and political knowledge, as well as her consummate social skills. When the most unthinkable assassination of all occurs and everything goes downhill from there, Grace suddenly finds herself the most highly trusted person in the Empire, the power behind the Imperial throne....

Discover the power of ladies as the backbone of Demesne society in this novel of social intrigues, ethics, and justice, as Princess Grace defines the true meaning of morality!

About the Author

Author Eva Caye
Author Eva Caye
After a health crisis forced her to re-evaluate her life, Eva Caye took up her favorite hobby, writing, to find meaning and inspiration once more. Three years of obsessive writing, research, and finding ways to pay for an editor led to nine books in the To Be Sinclair series. Eva's works in progress are two prequels to the series set about 100 years in the future.

The To Be Sinclair series consists of science fiction romance novels that focus on a future 600 years from now. In the Sinclair 'universe', humanity has spread to over 100 planets, with all the concomitant travails such as how colonies set up governments, how they travel and trade among the stars, and how they unite, and fight, for power. Yet one of the most important decisions anyone can make is choosing a life-partner; these novels specifically address the personal needs of the main characters, to show how progressive, benevolent rulers struggle to find the love and support of people willing to live with the dangers of being Imperial.

Eva lives with her magnificent husband and two beautiful mutts in a tiny, century-old farmhouse in Louisville, Kentucky.

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