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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Featured Indie Book: Vessel of Kali (Richard Milner)

Vessel of Kali (Richard Milner)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Contemporary Fantasy Vessel of Kali by Richard Milner.

Vessel of Kali is a dark fantasy myth about the power of tragedy to restore and renew, inspired by Hindu and Zen traditions.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and CreateSpace and is available as eBook and Paperback - 386 pages - released in March 2014.

About the Book

The disciples of the goddess Kali, the Kali’ka, are broken. Believed to be myth, their arcane order has for centuries rescued those who have awakened from the drug-induced pleasure and religious fervor of the city of light and Logic, New Corinth. Now, the Kali’ka have been fractured from within by extremists turned violent against the world above their underground cloisters, and New Corinth, a city where fear and anger are censured, is unable to cope with the dissident faction’s brutal emergence.

Elara Aeve – Kali’ka ascendant, warrior and teacher, sister to a family left behind in New Corinth – may hold the key to salvaging society. She rails against the ineffectual, divided leadership of the Kali’ka, insisting they take action, swiftly and decisively, to seal the rift in their order before it consumes Kali’ka and Corinthian alike in a bloody conflagration.

Vessel of Kali (Richard Milner)
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But Elara harbors a secret far more dangerous than any extremist force. A dire power swells alive inside of her, growing conscious, hunting her with cataclysmic visions, demanding blood for peace. Soon, Elara is targeted for death and caught in a conspiracy that takes her beyond the walls of Kali’ka cloisters, all the way to the heart of New Corinth and through the planes of reality itself.

Branded as a savior by some, destroyer by others, she may be the only one willing to do what is necessary to protect her home and kin, even if it means succumbing to the dark thirst within and awakening the once-living goddess Kali, Herself.

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "I just bought the book and I am loving it! The book is captivating and I'm having an adventure as i read through it." - Daina Chavez

- "A rich, succinct story filled with riveting characters, and crushing honesty..."

About the Author

Author Richard Milner
Author Richard Milner
Richard Milner is an author who loves tackling challenging and disturbing topics through allegory and myth. He is a writing consultant, a former English teacher, and a narrative designer in the video game industry. He is also the creator and moderator of Sit Down, Shut Up & Write (Orange County), a productivity-focused writer’s group on meetup.com.

He thrives on fringe and speculative subject matter, and takes strong influence from music and visual arts. With a background in Psychology, he finds particular joy in merging character-driven stories with elements of genre fiction, especially within an arcane or metaphysical context. His work has been described variously as "vivid," "beautiful," and "crushingly honest."

Richard currently lives in southern California with his uncommonly patient wife, his distressingly cute cat, and his jarringly energetic dog. Soup and coffee, he asserts, are among mankind's greatest accomplishments. Machu Picchu is his next travel destination.

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Vessel of Kali (Richard Milner)