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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Waking Up (Renee Dyer)

New Indie Book Release:
Waking Up - Renee Dyer
Contemporary Adult Romance (468 pages - March 2014)

Waking Up is a contemporary romance of being broken and how we handle it. Do we allow ourselves to trust again, love again? Can our hearts heal when we lose it all?

"Wow, I loved this book. For her debut book she hit it out of the park. I loved the characters, Tucker the hot movie star and Adriana, the grieving widow. I really felt connected to these two, I wanted it to work out for them really bad.[...]" - Reader Review

About the Book

Waking Up (Renee Dyer)
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For Adriana Monroe life couldn’t get any better. She has great friends, her photography business is booming and she married Alex, her childhood best friend. Life is perfect. It’s a fairy tale really.

But one night changes everything for her.

Suddenly she’s alone. She’s afraid to trust and afraid to love. Most of all she’s afraid she’s broken beyond repair. Nightmares torment and haunt her every time she closes her eyes.
Will she ever be the same?

For Tucker Stavros it looks to the outside world like things come easy for him. He’s gorgeous, rich, famous, has a hot girlfriend. Hell, he’s a movie star. If women aren’t trying to get with him then men are wishing they are him. What they don’t see is the broken child hiding behind the smiles he fakes for the cameras. They don’t see the man who wakes up drenched in sweat from his nightmares from a past he can’t escape.

Betrayal sends him running.

A chance encounter throws Tucker and Adriana together. They try to fight their attraction for each other. They feel they’re too broken for the other.

Will they continue to suffer in the hell of dreamland separately or will they find that Waking Up to real life together can be so much sweeter?

About the Author

Author Renee Dyer
Author Renee Dyer
Renee Dyer is a happy housewife who spends her days with her three sons, nights with her husband and any time in between reading, writing and playing with her bubbly chocolate lab Bruschi.

She's been writing her whole life, but contributes her start to a doodle book her mom bought her when she was four. Those doodles gave way to many creative stories.

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