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Monday, April 07, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Seven Beyond (Stella Atrium)

New Indie Book Release:
Seven Beyond - Stella Atrium
Science-Fiction / Fantasy - (280 pages - February 2014)

"Combining the journey for a new place to call home with the emotion of true friendship, Seven Beyond is an involving, metaphysical, and emotional saga, and documents Stella Atrium as an original and talented writer of science fiction fantasy." - Reader Review

About the Book

Seven Beyond (Stella Atrium)
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Dr. Christopher Meenins is 800 years old and doesn’t remember his past. Accompanying him on a journey of discovery are the powerful Lady Drasher Tasgneganz, the pedantic Dr. Virgil Grammario, the mysterious—and possibly alien—Linda Deemer. Christopher is haunted by memories of alien places and of a race called the Longists. The group travels to the one place on Earth the Longists might reappear: a remote abbey inhabited by an order of nuns known for their mystical insights and quality brandy.

Memories of David Shanklen—once Meenins’ patient and perhaps also his mentor—trouble Christopher’s dreams. Shanklen claimed that he was kept prisoner in an alien zoo maintained by the Longists. Through Shanklen, Christopher must confront the secrets of his past to find the New Restingplace of the Dead. The travelers exchange stories during his quest à la The Canterbury Tales, and the discovery of the restingplace grows out of their long friendships.

Seven Beyond is available for a limited time for only 99 Cents!

About the Author

Author Stella Atrium
Author Stella Atrium
Stella Atrium is the author of the Dolvia Saga including SufferStone, HeartStone, and StrikeStone.

Stella Atrium: "Many fantasy stories today are set in Medieval times with castles and horses and magic and princesses needing rescue. Nobody asks, 'How did these humanoids get here?' or 'Why are there so many races of people?'

So I wrote a fantasy series with several races (no elves or dwarfs or vampires), except I placed events in today’s world with helicopters instead of horses, and peace-keeping soldiers instead of warriors, and the internet instead of ravens.

Events take place on another planet discovered by a mining interest from Earth led by the Chinese. Other adventurers are from America, France and Australia. They work for a consortium of inhabited planets where people have government, repression, murder for hire, and all the ills of competition in the marketplace.

If you’re tired of castle stories with endless battlefield scenes, try a planet story that reflects our world and the struggles of women living under the burka. Actions that become legend, leading by example, taking the difficult route – all these may be inspirational to young women today who are allowed few privileges at home or at school."

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