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Thursday, April 03, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Dead Sugar Daddies Don't Lie (Barbara Griffin Villemez)

New Indie Book Release:
Dead Sugar Daddies Don't Lie - Barbara Griffin Villemez
Thriller - (196 pages - March 2013)

Dead Sugar Daddies Don't Lie is a story about a woman's transformation from a narcissistic, money hungry female to a caring and loving woman. Along the way she kills a few people; just the bad guys.

About the Book

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Alison Andrews is beautiful and broke.

She hopes to find a husband with money on the Internet. She connects with Roberto Rubio, a wealthy Cuban business man. Alison moves to Miami and into Rubio's large mansion. Life is good until she comes home from shopping one day and finds him dead with a bullet hole in his forehead. She feels her life of wealth and privilege is over.

Then she discovers that Rubio was involved with the Cuban Mafia and now they are after Alison. The Miami-Dade Police detective, Owen Bradley becomes a protector and so does FBI agent Gonzalez. Why does the head of the Cuban Mafia, Carlos Esposito, want Alison dead and will do anything to kill her, even running over the FBI and the Miami-Dade Police?

An edge of the seat story with a surprise ending.

About the Author

Author Barbara Griffin Villemez
Author Barbara G. Villemez

Barbara Griffin Villemez, a former psychotherapist, was born in Charleston, South Carolina. University teaching and private practice has given her much fodder for stories.

She lives with her husband, Clare and their four cats in the southwest part of The Land of Enchantment, New Mexico.

Connect with Barbara Griffin Villemez
via Facebook and Twitter: @BarbVillemez.