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Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Hidden Intervention (Réal Laplaine)

New Indie Book Release:
Hidden Intervention: One Man Against The System - Réal Laplaine
Thriller - (December 2013)

"I absolutely loved it! [...]Fun, intelligent, entertaining, great use of the language, but most of all, intriguing." - Reader Review

Hidden Intervention is an awakening-thriller, in that not only does it reveal the pervasive power of the American surveillance community, but it also opens our eyes to the power it gives to the few, to leverage that power in covering up crimes against the population it is meant to protect.

About the Book

Hidden Intervention (Réal Laplaine)
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How Troy Evans came to discover that senior officials of the National Security Agency (NSA) were planning the assassination of America's President and Vice President can only be explained by his special ability.

When he tries to expose and stop the plot, Troy becomes the most wanted and hunted man as America's surveillance systems are turned against him. Hidden Intervention is an awakening-thriller.

It not only reveals the pervasive power of the American surveillance community, but in fact, it opens our eyes to what ONE person can do to fight the system - making it a very compelling read considering recent whistle blowers who have been similarly targeted as enemies of the state for their attempts to expose the truth.

About the Author

Author Réal Laplaine
Author Réal Laplaine
Réal Laplaine writes in several genres.

From his awakening action-thriller series, Intrusion and Quantum Assault, and Hidden Intervention, to his one of a kind story, Finding Agnetha - a fictional rendering about the Swedish band ABBA, or his inspirational sci-fi The Buffalo Kid, his books push the edge of the envelop, inviting the reader to step outside the bounds of mediocrity and to see the world with a different perspective.

He is also a human rights activist, with his Literary Fiction, See Me NOT, a story about sex trafficking, a subject which he regularly speaks about at different forums.

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