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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Indie Author Interview: Darryl Olsen

Indie Author Interview with Darryl Olsen - Author of the Science-Fiction / Military Novel Purgatory: Soldiers of Misfortune.

Darryl Olsen lives in Sydney and is the author of the novel titled Purgatory: Soldiers of Misfortune. He is married and currently works in law enforcement. Prior to all this he served in the Australian Regular Army as a combat engineer.

Purgatory: Soldiers of Misfortune tells of the souls struggle in the afterworld. The lessons gained in life only prepare you for the real fight, the battle in Purgatory.

Interview with Darryl Olsen

Author Darryl Olsen
Author Darryl Olsen
Alan Kealey (Indie Author News): What is your (writing) background?
Darryl Olsen: I only started writing 2 years ago, previous to my first novel being released I wrote for my employer being mainly business reports, media releases and other mundane brain numbing articles.
I have always loved reading horror novels, and I finally decided to put some of my crazy ideas to paper. The novel started as some rough ideas being slashed in no particular order on A4 paper, than I started putting the pieces together and after various edits, I was finally satisfied with the end result.

Who are your favorite writers, your favorite books, and who or what are your writing influences?
I love reading Greig Beck- Black Mountain and John Connolly- Wrath of Angels, those guys know how to write a good yarn. My main influences for writing though would probably be my own memories in growing up. I was fortunate enough to be granted leave from school where I joined and trained in an elite Australian Army Unit. It was just one adventure after another, It still gives me great inspiration to look back at my own situation, and draw from those experiences.

"I said to myself ‘What the hell’ and I started my first novel [...]"

When did you first know that you wanted to be a writer?
It was an idea I had bouncing around in my head that just refused to leave me alone. So about 2 years ago, I said to myself ‘What the hell’ and I started my first novel, now I just cannot stop, its to much fun.

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
I always thought myself of a bit of a comedian rather than story teller as I was growing up. I remember telling jokes and short funny stories to the troops as we where out on Operations, the guys around me always loved laughing at my jokes.

Tell us about your writing process. Do you have a writing routine?
There’s no real routine to my writing. I’ll start something, get to about the third chapter, than have another idea, scrap the first three chapters go back and start again. Than I’ll write about 2 chapters get writers block, retrieve my first three chapters from the bin, write 2 more chapters, then start on another idea. It’s just a crazy washing machine up in my head. But I finally finish each article, with the second article (having been written at the same time) about half way complete.

Please, describe your desk/workplace.
It changes from day to day, medication to medication. It’ll start in the lounge room, move to the garage, get transported to my office at work, than end up somewhere between the glove box of my Jeep to under the front drivers seat. Should I mention the coffee stains on my notes…

"Writing can be so personal, and honest."

What are the benefits to writing to television?
Writing can be so personal, and honest. You can describe feelings, emotions, instincts, fear and much much more. You cannot describe those same feelings through television or film, your only go off the actions of the actors/actresses.

What is the greatest joy in writing?
I would love to one day walk into a book shop, and see someone taking interest in something I wrote. That would be amazing

Darryl, please tell us a little about your Science-Fiction / Military Novel Purgatory: Soldiers of Misfortune.
Not to give too much away, the story starts in the physical world, we read about three separate and totally different characters. They each meet their doom in life and end up in the after life. It is in the afterlife the real battle begins. They band together and try to survive, along the way they encounter ancient evil, condemned souls, and some really terrifying demon like dogs. It’s a journey you just have to read.

Purgatory - Soldiers of Misfortune (Darryl Olsen)
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What inspired you to write the book?
I love horror, and sometimes your nightmares have to come to light.

Who do you see as your target audience?
The book is probably aimed more at young adult readers, and military lovers. I would not recommend this book for those with a weak stomach.

What makes your book special?
The fact that you’ll find no other book like this one.

How would you describe the success of your book so far?
It’s been a great ride so far, especially those downloading on Amazon Kindle and Kobo eReaders.

How long did it take it to write the book?
It took about 12 months part time to write.

"[...] never give up, because you’ll regret not putting that idea to paper later in life."

Can you give some advice for other Authors regarding the writing process?
Yeah alcohol and writing do no mix, trust me. No seriously never give up, because you’ll regret not putting that idea to paper later in life.

Are you working on another book project?
Can you tell us a little about it? I’ve finished a short story “Novella” called “Children of the Gods-Project Talon” which has been picked up by ASJ Publishing. I have also just completed Purgatory Origins a prequel to Soldiers of Misfortune.

Where do you see the book market in 5 or 10 years? Will there be only eBooks and will book stores disappear like record stores disappeared?
Unfortunately book stores are vanishing and the market seems to be shifting on downloads. Maybe eBooks are the way of the future, I just hope book stores don’t fade away.

What is your e-reading device of choice?
I have to say the Ipad with the kobo application downloaded onto the device.

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I work in Government but spend most my free time writing and 4wd in my Jeep.

How can readers connect with you?
Through darryl@darrylolsen.com and www.darrylolsen.com which also has links to my facebook and twitter page.

Thank you very much for the Interview, Darryl.

About the Book Purgatory: Soldiers of Misfortune

Purgatory - Soldiers of Misfortune (Darryl Olsen)
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He may have made a few wrong decisions in his life, but the last thing Harry Taylor expects after closing his eyes for the last time in a London Hospital is to wake up in a foreign landscape filled with the horrors of his worst nightmare. A place like no other, welcome to Purgatory.

Formed at the beginning of time, is a place where all the wrongs of the physical world have gathered, a place filled with terror and controlled by an ancient and ruthless group of worriers called Leviathan.

Can Harry survive these hostile groups of warrior’s hell bent on capturing and enslaving all those before them? One thing is for sure, if Harry is to survive in this place, than he better start forming alliances with the other damned souls trapped in this landscape. But can everyone be trusted Purgatory.

- "This book is the ultimate carnival or thrill ride. The fighting for the man of good, the sexual encounters and the running from place to place make this book a read that you will not be able to put down. I recommend that all of you who buy this book give it a good read!" - Reader Review

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