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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Featured Indie Book: Starlet's Web (Carla J. Hanna)

Starlet's Web (Carla J. Hanna)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Young Adult Romance Starlet's Web by Carla J. Hanna.

Starlet's Web: Discover the Starlet Series and uncover the life of a talented actress caught in Hollywood's web of lies.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon, B&N, and others and is available as eBook and Paperback - 305 pages - released in September 2013.

About the Book

Do you think you know what it is like to be a famous teen star? Do you think she is always sexy and looking for her next party? Think again.


I'm actress Liana Marie Michael. I won an Oscar at 17 but whatever. Really. Celebrity is what it is: marketing a product. I'm part of a tight-knit group of kids of celebrities. I keep to myself and don't complain about my life. I've been happy until lately.

Evan dumping me leveled me. Matthew shocked me. I knew he couldn't hurt me with my bodyguard so near, but his eyes...so I have trust issues. Dating super-hot Byron didn't help clear the confusion either. I'm torn between going to church on Sunday and making a living from pop culture.

But experience builds perspective. My days of shutting up needed to end. First, I told Manuel. Then I told my mom. It turned out awesome until I learned the truth.

Now I'm screwed. Totally. Let's face it: Hollywood's web entangles everyone.

Starlet's Web (Carla J. Hanna)
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Winner of the January 21, 2013 IBD Award!
Gold Medal Winner, 2013 AUTHORSdb Book Cover Contest!

1. Starlet's Web - Hollywood entangles talented teen actress in a web of lies.
2. Starlet's Run - In a world where an actress is a product and everyone is a critic, can young love survive? Should it?
3. Starlet's Light - Young Hollywood actress is 'so done' with acting. She gives up the fight until she sees the light.

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "YA fans will absolutely want to check out this series, where they'll find a new heroine to root for in the flawed but sympathetic Liana." - Blue Ink Review

- "The glitz and glamour of a Hollywood lifestyle is quite well written, too, and I'm sure most readers will enjoy a glimpse of what's behind the cameras and what it might feel like for those actors who may not be ready for the lifestyle and the consequences of actions. It's raw and very engaging, and I personally can't wait to read the next installment." - Reader's Favorite

- "As an industry person, it was a fun walk down memory lane reading "behind the scenes Hollywood" and recognizing people, places and industry insider "fun facts." It not only carries a wonderful message for young women to read and relate to, but tells the story of the not so glamorous reality of behind the scenes 'real Hollywood.'" - Hollywood Film Veteran

- "[...] This author has painted us a beautiful young heroine. She has also effectively brought us into a world we can literally only dream about. But, is that world really a dream, or is it a nightmare. Read on, and judge for yourself." - Jennifer Elizabeth Hyndman

- "[...] Starting as a sizzling romantic Hollywood novel, full of heartthrobs and glitz, this enthralling story evolves in a surprising way, when Marie makes a startling discovery, the repercussions of which are unforeseen. With the love and support of those around her, she evaluates her life, and through her strong sense of family and her faith in God, finds the ability to face the future, and go forward with her life.
This is a very appealing young adult novel with a great storyline, strong characters and a good plot"
- Susan Keefe

About the Author

Author Carla J. Hanna
Author Carla J. Hanna

Carla J. Hanna is the author of young adult romance and coming of age fiction novels.

A former housewife of Santa Monica, California, she shares an insider's perspective on Hollywood and celebrity influence in her multicultural novels.

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Starlet's Web (Carla J. Hanna)