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Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Indie Book Release: SAFE HAVENS - Shadow Masters (J.T. Patten)

New Indie Book Release:
SAFE HAVENS: Shadow Masters - J.T. Patten
Thriller (Military / Terrorism / Espionage) - (384 pages - February 2014)

SAFE HAVENS: Shadow Masters is comprised of the ingredients that thriller lovers expect: fast-paced action, great twists, solid realism, and something that addictively compels readers to turn the next page. The differentiator in the Safe Havens is the author’s real life experience supporting discrete operations. Many authors can research military activities, espionage, and terrorism but few have experienced what they write about.

"There is something about reading a book like Safe Havens written by someone who has lived in this world. You can't help but question how much is fiction and how much is real. Safe Havens is a taught thriller with action scenes that drip with authenticity." - Reader Review

About the Book

SAFE HAVENS - Shadow Masters (J.T. Patten)
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Sean Havens served the government black ops underworld for over twenty years. He lived and operated through corporate cut-outs and within the dark recesses of humanity to protect the country he loved. But when the family he loved was unprotected by his country, Havens' clandestine double life follows him home colliding two very separate worlds.

As a corrupt oversight-exempt program drives him to soldier on, Havens struggles to hold on to what he has left of his formerly distanced life. Shock awaits as he learns who is friend or foe in the obscure domestic battlefield. To find sanctuary, he must navigate the intertwined shadows of underhanded proxy surrogate schemes, staged terror attacks, and a long thought to be disbanded CIA rival--The Pond.

If Havens survives as both protector and punisher, will his soul be among the body count? Few will find safe haven amidst those seeking revenge and refuge within the twisted wreckage of covert eliminations and set-ups.

About the Author

Author J.T. Patten
Author J.T. Patten
J.T. Patten has worked with the intelligence and special operations community in support of national defense and policy.

He has a degree in Foreign Language, a Masters in Strategic Intelligence, graduate studies in Counter Terrorism from the University of St. Andrews, and numerous expertise certifications in forensics, fraud, and financial crime investigations.

Patten shares these unique experiences with readers to give them a taste of "the black."

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