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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Redemption (Rebecca Brooke)

New Indie Book Release:
Redemption (Forgiven) - Rebecca Brooke
New Adult / Contemporary Romance (292 pages - February 2014)

"Redemption is an exceptional and fantastic read…It’s powerful and emotional, unpredictable and complicated." - Reader Review

Redemption follows a couple of college students, and while they are young and part of the New Adult genre, the characters are very mature and deal with some difficult topics. The female main character in this book is forced to examine her choices and mistakes and although these topics at times can be painful, the reader is not left devastated...

About the Book

Redemption (Rebecca Brooke)
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I am not what I have done. I am what I have overcome. And once I have faced my problems, only then will I find redemption.

Josh Walker and Lauren Pierce are opposites in every way. While Lauren is a committed student and girlfriend, Josh is a player with a very twisted moral compass…

Or is he?

Growing up with an addict for a father, Josh experienced disappointment from an early age. He puts on a front, shielding himself from everyone. Until he meets Lauren.

Lauren has it all. An accomplished softball player she maintains good grades, has great friends, and is in love with her dedicated boyfriend. Her life is pretty much perfect…until it’s not.

When two bruised souls collide can they help each other overcome their problems? Or are some souls just destined to be lost?

About the Author

Author Rebecca Brooke
Author Rebecca Brooke

Rebecca Brooke has always been an avid writer and reader. Her passion for music has led to many of the stories she has written.

The Forgiven Series are the first books actually published by Rebecca, with Redemption being the second in that series.

She plans to continue the series with Healed, expected to release this summer.

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