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Monday, February 10, 2014

New Indie Book Release: No Son of Mine (Leslie Georgeson)

New Indie Book Release:
No Son of Mine - Leslie Georgeson
Contemporary General Fiction / Drama (348 pages - January 2014)

- "This book is a great read! The characters are very relate-able and the storyline is easy to follow. The plot kept me guessing throughout the book, with a great twist at the end! I highly recommend this book." - Reader Review

About the Book

No Son of Mine (Leslie Georgeson)
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Welcome to Maple City…where the citizens create their own laws and vigilantes rule.

Sam Whitfield is living the life most twenty-somethings would die for: his grandfather is the richest man in town and Sam only has to ask and anything he wants is handed to him. The only problem is his grandfather wants him to step up and help run the family business, which Sam has no interest in.
When Sam learns of Richard Cook’s release from prison, he is rocked by the enormity of the lie his grandfather told him when he was just five years old. Now Sam is on a mission to discover the truth of what happened the night his mother was murdered.

Sam sets out to find Cook, the man who was convicted of killing his mother. A man who has claimed his innocence all along. And when the local vigilante mob targets Cook as their next victim, only Sam can save him.

When Sam runs into Sarah, an old childhood friend, he is instantly smitten. But she wants nothing to do with him and she has a boyfriend whom Sam suspects is part of the vigilantes. Can he convince her to help him fight the vigilantes?

While outsmarting his grandfather and thwarting the vigilantes, Sam develops a relationship with the man he wronged so many years ago. But Sam’s grandfather has big plans for Sam that don’t include Richard Cook, and Sam must make the most important decision of his life.

About the Author

Author Leslie Georgeson
Author Leslie Georgeson
Leslie Georgeson began writing at the age of fourteen and swears she won't stop until she's dead.

Her first novel, No Son of Mine, is now available on Amazon and Smashwords as an e-book. Leslie lives with her husband, daughter, two horses, a cat, and a cow on a quiet country acreage in Idaho.

She is currently working on her next novel, which she hopes to release by the end of 2014.

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