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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

New Indie Book Release: A Thin Line (Tammy Jo Burns)

New Indie Book Release:
A Thin Line - Tammy Jo Burns
Historical Romance (385 pages - December 2013)

A Thin Line presents one of those dark and brooding heroes who seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders. He is somewhat reminiscent of Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre, yearning for happiness but not quite certain he deserves it.

About the Book

A Thin Line (Tammy Jo Burns)
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She grew up believing he was her knight-in-shining armor. He thought of her as his best friend’s little sister, the pest that followed them around everywhere.

Now time and circumstances have changed them both. By a series of unfortunate events, Gabriel has become the Duke of Hawkescliffe and sees himself resigned to a loveless marriage. Until that time arrives, he will continue to serve in the fight against Napoleon as an Agent for the Crown.

When Mikala Simmons overhears a conversation that sounds as if Gabriel is trading secrets with a foreign agent, she is torn. Should she tell someone or confront the man himself? Only as she becomes further embroiled in the subterfuge and her life hangs in the balance will Gabriel have to decide what is truly important. Society, the Crown, or the woman of his dreams?

About the Author

Author Tammy Jo Burns
Author Tammy Jo Burns
From a young age, Tammy Jo Burns could always be found carrying around books to read. Often times she did this while keeping her grandmother company while she watched her “stories”. Since that time she has read anything and everything she possibly could, especially those stories that have a happy ending. Growing up, her friends often looked to her to come up with the base stories for their “make-believe worlds” and Tammy Jo was glad to comply. As she outgrew the children’s and YA books, her mother introduced her to classic contemporary romance authors Janet Dailey and Diana Palmer. Soon she discovered a love for historical romances and never looked back.

One day while sitting in a particularly lively college history class, her professor mentioned a trivial fact about the French Revolution and that made her wonder, “What if.” To this day she cannot tell you what the rest of the lecture was about, but you can see the result of that spark in her first book of The Reluctant Lords Series, A Traitorous Heart. Tammy Jo is a school librarian by day and can be found at night typing away on her next story, often times with the help of her her adorable cat, Ajax.

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