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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Featured Indie Book: Sketch of a Murder (Aya Walksfar)

Sketch of a Murder (Aya Walksfar)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Mystery Sketch of a Murder (Special Crimes Team) by Aya Walksfar.

Sketch of a Murder, set in Seattle, Washington, is a character driven murder mystery told from multiple, first person points of view, including the killer’s.

"[...] if you want more than a book to read just to pass the time, one that involves you in every twist and turn and keeps you guessing, this is that book! I loved every bit of it and recommend it highly." - Reader Review

The Book has been published via Mountain Springs House and is available as eBook and Paperback - 247 pages - released in October 2013.

About the Book

Take a female police sergeant, whose best friend has recently been murdered when a reporter cared more about a scoop than a good cop’s life, place her with a superior who carries a trainload of guilt since his cop-daughter was killed in the line of duty, then add in a pushy, lesbian reporter.

Now, mix in a team of independent, misfit cops who have managed to tick off their superiors enough to merit being relegated to the Siberia of law enforcement, the Special Crimes Team.

Add one serial killer, self-dubbed The Avenger, who is targeting wealthy, prominent men who have skated out from under sexual assault charges.

Blend well and watch the blood fly!

Can these disparate people work together to save an innocent man from being the killer’s next victim?

Sketch of a Murder (Aya Walksfar)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "A strong plot and well developed characters makes for a very good read. If you like murder, suspense and intrigue this book is for you. " - Debbie (Amazon)

- "[...] A great story involving characters you come to care about, in a struggle against an adversary who seems to be two steps ahead of them the whole way. It’s an all-round good read for those who enjoy the thrill of the chase and the twists and turns of a murder mystery. " - Gunnar Angel Lawrence

- "Aya Walksfar has done it again! This is an engaging story with believable characters and a well-thought-out plot. I love stories with strong female characters and this is a good one. " - Booklover (Amazon)

- "[...] An excellent experience in literal works. This title easily earned it's place among my shelves. " - Jester Dev

About the Author

Author Aya Walksfar
Author Aya Walksfar
Aya Walksfar published her first series of newspaper articles at age fourteen, and has since then continued to publish short stories and poetry in various venues. A graduate of the University of Washington’s Writer’s Course, she describes herself as a “lifelong lover of learning”.

For many years, she lived a nomadic life that took her across the United States and back again, performing a wide variety of jobs and meeting awesome people.
Good Intentions, her first novel, won the Alice B. Reader Award for Excellence in 2002.

Sketch of a Murder is her first full length murder mystery.

Aya currently lives in the shadow of White Horse Mountain in Washington State with her spouse of 25 years. When she isn’t writing, working on her 12 acre wildlife habitat, or training her four German Shepherd Dogs, she is riding her motorcycle.

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Sketch of a Murder (Aya Walksfar)