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Saturday, January 04, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Midnight (Chris Philbrook)

New Indie Book Release:
Midnight (Adrian's Undead Diary) - Chris Philbrook
Horror / Post-Apocalyptic (464 pages - December 2013)

"[...] the best fiction available. Even if you don't like the zombie genre this is still a fabulous read. It chronicles one man's struggle against adversity; the need for friends and colleagues, and how to face a desperate situation. You will get to know, in detail, some great characters and learn how they face evil." - Reader Review

About the Book

Midnight (Chris Philbrook)
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Midnight, follows Adrian Ring's life as he continues to try and survive a wretched end of the world scenario through the mid winter months of 2010.

Adrian's Undead Diary's story unfolds in two very different ways. The bulk of what you experience is Adrian's personal journal; he writes to remember, to create a record of how he survives, how he lives through the horrors of losing everything. Also, the story is made larger, deeper, and more real through short stories that intersperse his diary entries. The short stories tell you about the events that Adrian may or may not know about, and they fill in a greater picture of the AUD world.

Midnight is the third entry in the smash hit horror series Adrian's Undead Diary. The AUD series has been a remarkable success in part due to the fact that is able to straddle huge audiences, creating appeal in the horror market, as well as with the zombie genre fans, survivalist crowds, and all the while retaining a formidable sense of humor.

About the Author

Author Chris Philbrook
Author Chris Philbrook
Chris Philbrook is the author of the internet phenomenon-now turned print success Adrian's Undead Diary (AUD). Originally released as a web serial, and written in real time as the hero of the story shared his thoughts with his journal, AUD has been received incredibly well by the public, garnering an overwhelming amount of Five Star Reviews. Chris is also the creator of the dark fantasy world Elmoryn, and is the author of The Kinless Trilogy, the first novels written in that world.

Chris worked for years as a game developer, honing his attention to detail and building a greater love for the stories that compel us to enjoy immersive games. After leaving the industry Chris had a burning passion to create his own stories, and after a chance meeting with George Romero, he decided tog get it done. Now he's ten novels deep, and can decorate the walls of his apartment with glowing reviews of his books.

Chris spends an excessive amount of time interacting with his fans. If you message his pages on Facebook, or write him on any of his four websites, he will write you back. It might take him a few days, but every single person can get in touch with him. Every review matters to Chris, and every reader has the ability to be a part of his process through contests, and drawings.

As of this writing, Chris has written eight books for the AUD series, the first novel, The Wrath of the Orphans for the Elmoryn world, and a new urban fantasy novel entitled A Dragon Among Us that hopes to be published sometime in 2014.

Connect with Chris Philbrook via Twitter: @AdriansDiary
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