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Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Indie Book Release: Freeze Kill (David Kreinberg)

New Indie Book Release:
Freeze Kill - David Kreinberg
Supernatural Mystery Thriller (254 pages - December 2014)

Freeze Kill follows a serial killer with the ability to stop time, an ability discovered and first utilized in Kindergarten. The killer murders the teacher, traumatizing the children in the class that had no way of knowing how their teacher was killed. Twenty one years pass and the grown up students from the Kindergarten class set out to catch the killer.

About the Book

Freeze Kill (David Kreinberg)
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What would you do with the power to stop time? Would you use it to help people? Or maybe you would use it for your own benefit regardless of how legal it is. Rob a few banks undetected, sneak into movie theaters without paying; much can be accomplished with such an ability.

Sam takes things a bit further. At the tender age of five, the child used the new found ability to brutally murder kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Derinzel right in the middle of class. Thus, a serial killer with a horrifying gift was born.

Twenty one years have passed since that event, but the murders have not slowed down. The students of the kindergarten class have grown up, each one greatly affected by the tragedy from their childhood. Some became so obsessed with trying to capture the elusive killer, they created an organization to do so. But with unlimited suspects and no means to defend themselves, the former students will experience a dreadful sense of futility and despair like never before.

About the Author

Author David Kreinberg
Author David Kreinberg
David Kreinberg grew up in Livingston, New Jersey, where he spent most of his time playing video games, reading graphic novels, and exploring construction sites, much to the chagrin of his parents. His love of stories never waned regardless of medium, even after altering many in his mind, usually taking them in a darker direction.

He decided to become a writer in his freshman year at Montclair State University, dabbling in video game and comic scenarios alongside his novel writing. After graduating with a degree in Classics, he would go on to write dialogue for online indie game, Dudebro II, followed shortly by joining the staff of RPGsite.net where he would review and post news about video games.

He currently resides in Bloomfield, New Jersey, where he continues to work on his next crazy project.

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