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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Featured Indie Book: Living On Air (Joe Cipriano)

Living On Air (Joe Cipriano)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Memoir Living On Air by Joe Cipriano with Ann Cipriano.

Living On Air is a romantic look back at the heyday of radio, when the AM signal ruled the airways, and Top Forty music was king. Then just 14 years old, Joe grew up on the air, hanging out at the local station in his hometown. As a senior in high school, he was a full-time deejay, working from six to ten at night, doing his homework while the records played.
Living On Air is a warm and engaging read, like having a conversation with a friend who is happy to share the keys to his success which resonate with anyone who has the desire to create the career of their dreams.

The Book has been self-published via JCP Inc. and is available as eBook, Paperback, and Audiobook - 246 pages - released in November 2013.

About the Book

Los Angeles based author Joe Cipriano, presents Living On Air, a coming of age tale about a young boy from a small town who makes it to the top of his profession in the competitive world of radio and the exclusive world of voice-over.

It's the true-life story of Joe Cipriano, one of the most successful and instantly recognizable voice-over artists in the world today.

It's a heart-warming, funny, memoir filled with the ups and downs people face on the roller-coaster ride to success, including some laughable encounters with major celebrities like Tony Bennett, Martin Short, and tennis great Jimmy Connors.

Living On Air (Joe Cipriano)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "If you're looking to break into voice over or radio work, you'll find loads of tips and really useful advice here. The tips are deftly woven into the story, making it feel more like advice from a good friend than an instruction manual. You'll learn what it takes to get into radio, and how to keep your focus when the going gets tough.
If you love celebrity stories, there are all kinds of fun ones in Living On Air. If you enjoy stories about family life and coming of age, this book is perfect for you. If you simply like to read interesting and well-written biographies, well, you get the picture. Living On Air truly offers something for everyone.[...]"
- Carrie Grosvenor

- "Joe and Ann Cipriano have created an inspiring, poignant, funny and entertaining masterpiece! The wonderful collection of stories gives the reader an intimate look at the power of Joe's amazing spirit and will to succeed no matter what. Starting from Joe's early years in radio, meeting Ann, living their dreams together with all the ups and downs life can bring, is a universal theme that you don't need to be in the voice over business to relate to it! Joe and Ann give back to so many in so many different ways and this book is just another example of their kindness and generosity! A MUST READ!!! " - Stacy J. & Chuck D.

- "An up close and personal account from the guy behind the voice you hear all the time. Positive, upbeat, and inspiring. A fun read. " - Claudia D. Martin

- "Ever wonder what it's like to be a radio broadcaster or want to read about a small market DJ went to Major Market and then on to bigger things. Very heart warming filled with humor and just "falling" into some jobs - but working hard to get others. From a DJ to a top 5-6 voice over and a dream come true - this is a great read." - Jim O'Donnell

About the Authors

Authors Ann & Joe Cipriano
Authors Ann & Joe Cipriano
Joe Cipriano is probably most recognized as the signature voice of the Fox Television Network since it’s early beginnings and for the following 20 years, on shows such as Married…with Children, In Living Color, The Simpsons, That 70’s Show, Family Guy and many others. He is currently the signature voice of CBS comedies like Mike and Molly, Two and a Half Men, The Talk, and more. Joe has been the live announcer for TV’s biggest events, including the Emmys, Grammys, and the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. He is also the in-show announcer for many top-rated network and syndicated shows like America’s Got Talent, Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Queen Latifah, plus game shows like Deal or No Deal and Hollywood Game Night. He is also the voice of Chef Morimoto on Iron Chef America. Heard daily on radio and television imaging across the country, Joe also appears in the film In A World, written, directed, and starring Lake Bell, where he plays himself.

Joe is the recipient of the Don LaFontaine Legacy Award, presented with the criteria of talent, professionalism and having the passion for giving back.

His co-author is his wife Ann Cipriano, an Emmy award winning television news writer and producer. Ann has worked for NBC, ABC News, WJLA TV in Washington, DC and KABC TV in Los Angeles.

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Living On Air (Joe Cipriano)