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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Featured Indie Book: I Walked Into Her Nightmare (Debra J. White)

I Walked Into Her Nightmare (Debra J. White)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Memoir I Walked Into Her Nightmare - How I Became a Social Worker by Debra J. White.

I Walked Into Her Nightmare is a memoir about the author's volunteer experience in a child abuse prevention program in New York City during the early to mid 1980s and how it led the author to become a social worker.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and is available as eBook - 175 pages - released in October 2013.

About the Book

Hardly anyone wants to work with child abusers but Debra J. White did. On a whim, she grabbed an advertisement on a New York City bus asking for volunteer parent-aides to keep troubled families together and prevent children from entering the foster care system. That was the winter of 1982 when she knew nothing about child abusers but signed up anyway.

The program changed her life. She entered social work school the following year and earned a master's degree.

I Walked into Her Nightmare is about the single mother of three the author worked with for two and a half years, the crushing poverty she endured and her abusive behavior. It is also about the author's awakening to the complexities of poverty, racism and child abuse.

I Walked Into Her Nightmare (Debra J. White)
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Review (Excerpt)

- "Deborah has the unique ability to make her words come to life in this exceptional book. She takes us as a partner on her journey as a parent aid for a New York City agency specializing in the treatment of child abusers. Her brutal honesty about her feelings and experiences will captivate the reader and perhaps inspire us all to do more to help children. What a blessing!" - Pam Gaber, Gabriel’s Angels CEO and Founder

About the Author

Author Debra J. White
Author Debra J. White
Author Debra J. White is an award winning free-lance pet and environmental writer in Phoenix Arizona. Originally from New York City, she moved to Arizona in 1997 and became involved in the animal rescue community. A regular volunteer at the Arizona Animal Welfare League she is also with the Phoenix Animal Care Coalition.

For seven years she was a pet therapist with Gabriel's Angels spreading kindness and compassion to homeless children with her adopted dog Luke. To satisfy her political side, she volunteered for former Governor Janet Napolitano from 2004-2009. Twice a month she volunteers for the Sierra Club. In 2004, she founded Breaking the Chain, a children's creative writing and art contest that teaches kindness and compassion to animals in the public schools.

Her articles have appeared such publications as Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, the Bark, Animal Wellness, the Arizona Republic, the Sierra Club's magazine, the Latham Letter, Landscape Management, Back Home, American Jails, and other publications.

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I Walked Into Her Nightmare (Debra J. White)