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Friday, January 10, 2014

Featured Indie Book: A Bustle in the Hedgerow (Ben Miller)

A Bustle in the Hedgerow (Ben Miller)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Mystery / Thriller A Bustle in the Hedgerow by Ben Miller.

Intricate thriller that interweaves two mysteries—one in present time, the other revealed in flashbacks from the previous year—surrounding the murders of several young children throughout the Mid-Atlantic, A Bustle in the Hedgerow explores themes of ambition, fallibility, and family, while blurring the lines between good and evil and laying bare the true price of fame.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and CreateSpace and is available as eBook and Paperback - 447 pages - released in September 2013 / January 2014.

About the Book

The strangled body of a 9-year-old girl is discovered behind a hedgerow bordering her school playground in York, Pennsylvania. The local authorities’ only clue lies in a scrap of paper left in her front pocket, with a short phrase printed on it in an unfamiliar language.

Jackson Byrne, an FBI agent who specializes in investigating crimes against children, has just completed a book tour promoting his best-seller about solving his most recent high-profile case—the abduction and murder of a celebrity’s young daughter. Unexpectedly, Jack receives an invitation from an old family friend and powerful political insider urging him to run for the U.S. Senate. At the same time, his FBI division learns of the murder of another child with a similar mysterious message, launching them into a search for a serial killer given the moniker The Playground Predator.

A Bustle in the Hedgerow (Ben Miller)
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As Jack becomes torn between his excitement about a new career and others’ expectations of a celebrated investigator, he must also continue to deal with demons from his past. While Jack’s devoted wife, a sycophantic young FBI colleague, and an ambitious and attractive female reporter all try to influence his path, none of them pulls the strings as effectively as the enigmatic Randall, the psychologically disturbed but brilliant Playground Predator himself, who orchestrates his own master plan, eventually dragging Jack into an inevitable showdown.

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "It's so hard to believe that this is a first novel. The knowledge and research that went into this writing is phenomenal. I found this to be very intriguing, very informative read. The characters were very well-developed, the plot was genius! " - J.D. (Amazon)

- Hard to believe this is the author's first published work. The plot and characters were well developed. The pages kept on turning to find out what happens next! " - Kishore Vellody

- "This nail-biter teams with suspense and competently manages two murder mysteries in one [...] An unrelenting debut thriller that reads like the work of a pro." - Kirkus Reviews

- "I'm an avid reader and particularly like books I can't put down. A Bustle in the Hedgerow definitely fits that description. Once I started, I HAD to finish. The final chapters will leave you wanting more. I'm looking forward to the next novel from Ben Miller. " - Susan M.

About the Author

Author Ben Miller
Author Ben Miller
Ben Miller was born in Franklin, a small town nestled in the hills of Northwestern Pennsylvania. The son of a funeral director and a psychologist, he grew up with a sense of the macabre as mundane and a fascination with people's interactions with each other and the world around them, especially during times of hardship.

After high school he left his rural roots to enroll at Yale University, where he majored in Psychology. Upon graduation he found himself wanting to pursue a career in which he could apply his skills in the service of others. After completing his pre-medicine classes in a post-baccalaureate program, he matriculated to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.
While earning his medical degree, his writing took a back seat. It wasn't until he began his practice as a hospital-based Pediatrician and Diagnostic Referral Specialist at The Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC that his career vision began to come full circle. He realized that he could utilize his creative passion for writing to address some of society's ills that he witnessed on a daily basis. In 2013 he completed his final draft of A Bustle in the Hedgerow.

Ben currently resides with his wife and two daughters in a suburb of Pittsburgh. He continues to work on his next novel while teaching and practicing pediatrics.

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A Bustle in the Hedgerow (Ben Miller)