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Friday, December 20, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Plague of Angels (John Patrick Kennedy)

New Indie Book Release:
Plague of Angels (The Descended)- John Patrick Kennedy
Magical Realism / Supernatural Horror (325 Pages - December 2013)

Plague of Angels is unique and fresh in a number of ways — mainly the fact that there’s an alliance between the Son of God, and Satan. This book goes to places that other books have not gone before. It’s definitely not intended for the easily offended reader. This novel comes from the recesses of the darkest places of the Author's mind. A Must-Read for Fans of Supernatural Horror and Magical Realism Novels.

About the Book

Plague of Angels (John Patrick Kennedy)
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Nyx is Queen of Hell and ruler of the Angels who were banished there – the Descended.

And when the rest of the Angels are called home, Nyx finds herself stuck on the Earth with the Son of God. To her surprise, she learns that he is no happier than she. God's son thought he was sent down to judge humanity. Instead, he becomes a sacrifice for a cause he does not believe in – their redemption.

After his mortal body dies, the Son of God makes Nyx an offer: a new paradise on Earth if she will help him destroy humanity.

With two of her fellow Angels by her side, Nyx launches a thousand-year campaign of violence, sex, betrayal and intrigue to bring down God's people and have them worship her instead. From the back streets of Jerusalem to the palaces of Rome, from the temples of Egypt to the Pope's bedchamber, Nyx and her companions work to destroy the worshippers of God.

But not all is as it seems. And the Son of God has bigger plans than any of them imagine...

About the Author

Author John Patrick Kennedy
Author John Patrick Kennedy
John Patrick Kennedy was born in Brooklyn, New York, to immigrant parents. His first novel "Bugs Ain't So Bad," was written when he was only four years old--unfortunately, it was never published, and even more unfortunately--the original manuscript has since, been lost forever.

Now recovered from the loss of his first novel, John has finally decided to get his butt in gear and share his work with people other than his wife, mother, and mother-in-law. He's been writing all his life, and now realizes that it would be fulfilling to receive any kind of feedback--good, bad, or even something in between. Anything really.

John is also a world ranked tennis player with career wins over several world ranked players, including a former Wimbledon champion.

Connect with John Patrick Kennedy via Twitter: @JohnPatKennedy
and the Author's Website (coming soon)