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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Featured Indie Book: The Road To London (Adriano Bulla)

The Road To London (Adriano Bulla)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Romantic Fiction The Road To London by Adriano Bulla.

The Road To London is not so much a ‘gay novel’ as a novel for everybody that happens to have a gay protagonist. It is written in a unique style, which mixes prose and poetry, dreams and reality, each chapter has its own palette of colours, and the painful, though saucy and naughty, story of the boy is mirrored and possibly explained in the ‘letters’ to My Dear, coming from the future.

The Book has been published via Glastonbury Publishing and is available as eBook and Paperback - 154 pages - released in November 2013.

About the Book

Born straight, dominant and with no name, a boy finds it easy to feed lies and dreams of wars to his play mates. But when love strikes with all its force and all the pain it can bring, the real battle starts, this time, the war is against himself, reality and his own submissive sexuality. When Cupid crosses his path again, Pat, the boy he loves now, hits him with bullying and violence. Drugs and alcohol, hallucination and dreams become his world, a world of self-denial and a cage for his soul. Life turns darker and darker every day, and dreams turn into nightmares in a grey metropolis where hiding from reality, from his friends, from his family and, above all from himself through desperate attempts to be ‘normal’ is the only option. But, at every step, the voice of a different life, the story of another love, with a mysterious man, called my Dear, comes in the form of mental letters, written in a gay club in London, through his dreams, and tells the story of how he can succeed, of how he can be happy. The first encounter with sex is not the stuff of fairy tales either, not with a Prince Charming in castle, but in a toilet with a stranger, but slowly sets him on the path towards himself, the light and a future, maybe the very future the ‘letters from the club’ tell him about, where he can finally, and simply, be himself.

The Road To London (Adriano Bulla)
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The Sun, the Moon and the waves accompany the boy’s journey like constant symbols and characters themselves, and it is only when the full light of the Moon shines on him in all its splendour that a dramatic storm wipes away the grey city he has been living in a cosmic storm and lets him fly towards his destiny.

In a surprising ‘appendix’, after having asked the readers to finish the story themselves, the narrative turns onto itself: No longer looking at the world from the eyes of the boy, but from the eyes of the Universe itself, his story is now explained in an explosion of colours, lights and symbols through the life of another boy, Seb White, whose sacrifice will bring our boy and his great love, My Dear, together in a final dream.

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "This first novel by Adriano Bulla certainly does not disappoint. The Road to London is a work of wonder and lyrical intensity. Bulla writes with a richness that must be read to be believed; his language has a vivid sensuality, and each word seems perfectly chosen. In each chapter, the lines of reality and dream are blurred, and we as readers explore the complexities of the human soul. Described by Bulla himself as a `spiritual novel', The Road to London is a novel to be reckoned with, one which contains a depth of perception hitherto unseen, a broad originality that one can only envy. We can only hope that this elusive author and poet will continue to write and astound. Read with awe. And read with wonder." - Lalaa (Amazon)

About the Author

Author Adriano Bulla
Author Adriano Bulla
Adriano Bulla is a writer and academic whose first publication was in 2005, with a collection of poetry entitled Ybo’ and Other Lies, since then, he has published a grammar textbook, The Labyrinth of Grammar, a comparative literature study on Dante and Coleridge, The Mariner’s Inferno, a collection of short stories, Tales for the Free Mind and Open Heart and has recently published his novel, The Road to London, described by best-selling author Sarah Luddington as ‘one of the greatest and darkest romance stories...ever.’

In his creative writing, he has always been experimental and innovative, seeking new forms, styles and pushing the conventions of genre boundaries as well as challenging taboos.

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The Road To London (Adriano Bulla)