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Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Indie Book Release: The Breadwinner (Stevie Kopas)

New Indie Book Release:
The Breadwinner - Stevie Kopas
Horror / Post-Apocalyptic (July 2013)

"I just couldn't stop reading this book. It was captivating and kept me wanting more! It really got the imagination going! I have read a lot of books about zombies and the end of the world and I can honestly say this is one of the best stories I have read in a long time!" - Reader Review

About the Book

 The Breadwinner (Stevie Kopas)
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The end of the world is not glamorous.

In a matter of days the human race was reduced to nothing more than vicious, flesh hungry creatures. This story takes you into the world of the survivors, coming from different generations and different sides of the tracks, they all share one thing in common: who you once were can no longer determine who you will be in the face of catastrophe.

Samson, a once wealthy and powerful criminal defense attorney struggles to keep his family safe and keep his sanity intact when the world comes apart at the seams. Veronica, the high school track star races to get her brother out of the city and into the safety of Franklin Woods.

Along the way we come across the struggles of finding solace, finding out who you really are, and making decisions in a post apocalyptic world.

About the Author

Author Stevie Kopas
Author Stevie Kopas
Stevie Kopas was born and raised in Perth Amboy, NJ. She moved to Florida in 2004 and currently resides in Panama City Beach, FL where she works in sales management.

She is an avid gamer and a huge fan of apocalyptic literature and film. Her favorite book is Swan Song by Robert McCammon.

Although The Breadwinner contains zombies, Author Stevie Kopas doesn’t consider it to be a typical zombie novel as she focused on a lot of character development and how people react differently to the end of the world.

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