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Saturday, November 02, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Sinkhole (Wendy Reakes)

New Indie Book Release:
SINKHOLE: Disaster strikes a small town in England, where the ground gives way to sinkholes, burying the people alive. - Wendy Reakes
Urban Fantasy Thriller (October 2013)

Sinkhole is a story set in South West England, about a natural disaster more commonly found in the USA. Located near the famous Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, the town suffers the earth's relentless slaughter, as the victims of the sinkholes survive underground.

About the Book

Sinkhole (Wendy Reakes)
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Disaster strikes a small town in England,
where the ground gives way to sinkholes, burying the people alive.

In the town of Saxonville in South West England, precious lives are lost when the ground gives way to some hundred-foot shafts, taking with them a house, a church, a shop, a children’s park, and all the people in them. As the town mourn the loss of their loved ones from the earth’s gaping wounds, the relatives remain unaware that some have survived, after an underground lagoon cushioned their fall.

Below ground, the survivors drag each other from the water to find themselves in a spectacular cavern with no way out. Desperate to get dry from the perishing cold, they must find a way to make a fire, to keep warm until they are rescued.

In Saxonville, the army is unable to form a rescue team, fearing potential cave-ins. That’s when the wheels are set in motion to fill in the holes, so that they can rebuild the town and carry on.

Far below the surface, as their new world is sealed from above, a story of friendship and fortitude begins, as the survivors desperately attempt to find heat, light, food and essential medical supplies. Using their wits and their natural instincts for survival, they recycle the resources that fall through the sinkholes with them; a tree, a bed, a pharmacy and a blue Mondeo.

About the Author

Author Wendy Reakes
Author Wendy Reakes
Wendy Reakes is 52 and lives in Bristol, UK, with her husband and two children.

Once a chef and a high profile line manager in the leisure industry, Wendy was forced to retire from her career after a tragic accident in 1999 left her impaired.

Ambitious and refusing to give in to her lack of mobility, Wendy turned her hand to writing fiction after she found she had a talent for storytelling. One of the mediums she used to improve her unique style was to enter short story competitions. “When I came first in the very first contest I entered, I was stunned’, says Wendy. ‘It drove me to write more than 100 shorts, written in the style of Hitchcock; cutting edge with a twist in the tale. I won many more after that, which gave me the confidence to pursue a new life as a full time writer.’

Wendy has written four novels, In the Shadow of Strangers, The Perfects, The Song of the Underground and Sinkhole. The idea for this book came to her, after watching the news, where a man asleep in his bed in Florida was lost down a Sinkhole. Wendy says, ‘They never recovered the body. I recall watching them fill in the hole after only a few days and I was horrified. I thought...what if he was still alive down there?’ That’s where the idea for Sinkhole was born.

Wendy has been fortunate enough to be picked up by legendary movie mogul Budd Burton Moss who sold the option on The Song to a Hollywood producer, Terri Carr Muran. She has also recently acquired an agent in New York, who is currently pitching her novel.

Wendy is now working on the sequel to Sinkhole, Hellsville, which promises to be as exciting as the first.

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