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Monday, November 11, 2013

Featured Indie Book: The Fall of Awesome (Andrew Pain)

The Fall of Awesome (Andrew Pain)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Superhero Fantasy The Fall of Awesome (A Tale of Super City) by Andrew Pain.

In The Fall of Awesome, the Super Squad faces off against a new villain in Super City, while Captain Awesome (the most powerful hero on the planet) has to face the consequences of choices he'd made years earlier, as well as the choice to fight crime at all.

The Book has been published via Amazon/CreateSpace/ACX and is available as eBook, Paperback, and Audio-Book - 116 pages - released in February 2012.

About the Book

For decades the Super Squad has defended Super City, and the world, from threats large and small. While membership has evolved over the years, Captain Awesome, the world's most powerful hero, has always been a key member.

Now, a new villain has arrived. He isn't intent on control or riches, his goals are personal, and he forces Awesome to look closely at the choices between good and evil, with the fate of the city, and the Squad, in the balance.

The Fall of Awesome (Andrew Pain)
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Review (Excerpts)

- "The Fall of Awesome is a fun romp through the often-overlooked world of superhero fiction. TFoA takes a look at a regular person's foibles when he is given super-human abilities. This once-ordinary guy is now the world's most powerful being - or so it appears - and his facade of super heroism is cracking. This super being is susceptible to the same very human traits as you and me; jealousy, anger, disappointment, temptation, greed, and employing and falling prey to deception. When a being has all the power he wants and is generally known for doing Good... what becomes of him when he harbors all those terrible Human emotions? The Fall tells the story of Awesome's descent into normalcy amidst a very strange and dangerous assault on his city by a new bad guy, seemingly bent on the takedown of all the heroic Supers in the city.[...]" - Chris Hornberger

About the Author

Author Andrew Pain
Author Andrew Pain
Andrew Pain is a paramedic and adventure motorcyclist living in the Midwest. A frequent writer in high school and college, pursuing a career in EMS changed the focus of his writing. After 15 years working in and around ambulances he took a year off to travel North and South America, and reconnect with his inner writer.

After several non-fiction books on motorcycle travel, he released The Fall of Awesome, his first published fiction in years, following the eBook with a print and audio copy as sales increased.

Links to the Author and the Book

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Connect with the Author on Twitter: @painonpatrol

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The Fall of Awesome (Andrew Pain)