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Sunday, September 01, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Precious little Secrets (Michelle R. Nickens)

New Indie Book Release:
Precious little Secrets - Michelle R. Nickens
Paranormal Romance (247 pages - June 2013)

"Michelle R. Nickens describes her characters and experiences so well that you really feel for them and what they're going through. She pulls you into her book and makes it hard to set it down until you're done reading it all. [...]" - Reader Review

About the Book

Preciuos Little Secrets (Michelle R. Nickens)
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Precious little Secrets explores the dreams and life of Natalie Swan—where reality, love and fantasy come together to reveal the truth.

After a traumatic breakup, Natalie's childhood nightmares return. Her guide is a mysterious little boy who leads her down surreal paths. In the waking world, Natalie faces challenges at work and questions what she wants out of life.

When she “accidentally” meets Derek Voeltgin, a client, on a business trip, Natalie struggles to reconcile her new feelings with her ethical nature. All seems fine, until her real world and dream world collide and the secrets of her past and present are revealed.

About the Author

Author Michelle R. Nickens
Author Michelle R. Nickens
Michelle R. Nickens has been writing since childhood. Her parents encouraged her to express herself which she has been able to do through her writing, acting and dancing. During the day, Michelle’s career focuses on supporting nationwide law enforcement programs. In that capacity, she has written hundreds of documents, reports, outreach pieces and proposals. Some of these materials are used throughout the country by our law enforcement community to help support their efforts.

When not at work, Michelle’s writing includes fiction stories, articles, plays, lyrics and other forms of writing. She has written more than 25 articles for the Tallahassee Woman Magazine, which can be viewed at her website, www.michellenickens.com. Her short-attention-span play, Wild Refuge, was produced by the Atlantis Players and won the Audience Award for most enjoyed production. Precious little Secrets has been a passion of Michelle’s for years and she is proud and excited to bring this paranormal romance to you.

Michelle attended Florida State University, graduating with a BA in Business, and graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a MA in Public Administration. Michelle has served more than seven years on the Tallahassee Little Theatre board of directors, including two terms as the president, and supported many of the theatre's committees. She has been privileged to have walked the planks with some of Tallahassee's best actors. She has also served on the boards of the LeMoyne Art Foundation, the Tallahassee Women’s Club and multiple homeowners’ associations. Michelle studies dance at The Dance Studio and during the 2012/2013 season had the opportunity to dance with the Company. They performed on the Monarch of the Seas in March 2013 and performed well at the Fusion Dance Competition.

Michelle also writes her blog, WineKnows—Pour, Explore & More, accessible via her website. She is currently working on a one-act play, Stage Door Whore, and her next novel, Red Angel.

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