Monday, September 09, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Disarming the Porcupine (Mark Brayley)

New Indie Book Release:
Disarming the Porcupine - Mark Brayley
Poetry (125 pages - June 2013)

"Poetry is a genre sadly very much neglected but this book makes reading poetry totally accessible and entertaining."

About the Book

Disarming the Porcupine (Mark Brayley)
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Disarming the Porcupine is a daring collection of poems, spanning nearly ten years of writing.

It is entertainingly provocative and encapsulates a myriad of emotions about a 21st century young man’s life in poetic form.

Discover how poetry can change your life by reading this book.

About the Author

Author Mark Brayley
Author Mark Brayley
Mark Brayley, is a poet and novelist and graduated from Essex University with a Masters in Creative Writing in 2010.

Having performed poetry for many years, he has a range of styles which are included in this collection.

Mark’s first full length novel, The Reluctant Understudy, is also due to be published. He is currently researching his second novel set in the jazz scene of Paris in 1952.

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